Open Source Computer Vision
legacy.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/imgproc/imgproc.hpp"
#include "opencv2/imgproc/imgproc_c.h"
#include "opencv2/features2d/features2d.hpp"
#include "opencv2/calib3d/calib3d.hpp"
#include "opencv2/ml/ml.hpp"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <limits>


union  CvInput
struct  CvImgObsInfo
struct  CvEHMMState
struct  CvEHMM
struct  CvGraphWeightedVtx
struct  CvGraphWeightedEdge
struct  CvCliqueFinder
struct  CvStereoLineCoeff
struct  CvCamera
struct  CvStereoCamera
struct  CvContourOrientation
struct  CvContourTree
struct  CvFaceData
struct  Cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject
struct  Cv3dTrackerTrackedObject
struct  Cv3dTrackerCameraInfo
struct  Cv3dTrackerCameraIntrinsics
struct  CvVoronoiSite2D
struct  CvVoronoiEdge2D
struct  CvVoronoiNode2D
struct  CvVoronoiDiagram2D
struct  CvLCMEdge
struct  CvLCMNode
struct  CvMatrix3
struct  CvConDensation
class  CvCalibFilter
class  CvImage
class  CvMatrix
class  CvCamShiftTracker
struct  CvEMParams
class  CvEM
class  cv::PatchGenerator
class  cv::LDetector
class  cv::FernClassifier
struct  cv::FernClassifier::Feature
struct  cv::BaseKeypoint
class  cv::RandomizedTree
struct  cv::RTreeNode
class  cv::RTreeClassifier
class  cv::CvAffinePose
class  cv::OneWayDescriptor
class  cv::OneWayDescriptorBase
class  cv::OneWayDescriptorObject
class  cv::OneWayDescriptorMatcher
class  cv::OneWayDescriptorMatcher::Params
class  cv::FernDescriptorMatcher
class  cv::FernDescriptorMatcher::Params
class  cv::CalonderDescriptorExtractor< T >
class  cv::BruteForceMatcher< Distance >
class  cv::PlanarObjectDetector
struct  lsh_hash
struct  CvLSHOperations
struct  CvStereoGCState
struct  CvBGStatModel
struct  CvFGDStatModelParams
struct  CvBGPixelCStatTable
struct  CvBGPixelCCStatTable
struct  CvBGPixelStat
struct  CvFGDStatModel
struct  CvGaussBGStatModelParams
struct  CvGaussBGValues
struct  CvGaussBGPoint
struct  CvGaussBGModel
struct  CvBGCodeBookElem
struct  CvBGCodeBookModel




#define CV_COUNT_OBS(roi, win, delta, numObs)
#define CV_CURRENT_INT(reader)   (*((int *)(reader).ptr))
#define CV_PREV_INT(reader)   (*((int *)(reader).prev_elem))
#define CV_DOMINANT_IPAN   1
#define CLIQUE_TIME_OFF   2
#define CLIQUE_FOUND   1
#define CLIQUE_END   0
#define CV_UNDEF_SC_PARAM   12345
#define CV_CAMERA_TO_WARP   1
#define CV_WARP_TO_CAMERA   2
#define CV_VALUE   1
#define CV_ARRAY   2
#define CV_GLCM_ALL   0
#define CV_GLCM_GLCM   1
#define CV_GLCM_DESC   2
#define CV_NEXT_VORONOISITE2D(SITE)   ((SITE)->edge[0]->site[((SITE)->edge[0]->site[0] == (SITE))])
#define CV_PREV_VORONOISITE2D(SITE)   ((SITE)->edge[1]->site[((SITE)->edge[1]->site[0] == (SITE))])
#define CV_FIRST_VORONOIEDGE2D(SITE)   ((SITE)->edge[0])
#define CV_LAST_VORONOIEDGE2D(SITE)   ((SITE)->edge[1])
#define CV_NEXT_VORONOIEDGE2D(EDGE, SITE)   ((EDGE)->next[(EDGE)->site[0] != (SITE)])
#define CV_PREV_VORONOIEDGE2D(EDGE, SITE)   ((EDGE)->next[2 + ((EDGE)->site[0] != (SITE))])
#define CV_VORONOIEDGE2D_BEGINNODE(EDGE, SITE)   ((EDGE)->node[((EDGE)->site[0] != (SITE))])
#define CV_VORONOIEDGE2D_ENDNODE(EDGE, SITE)   ((EDGE)->node[((EDGE)->site[0] == (SITE))])
#define CV_TWIN_VORONOISITE2D(SITE, EDGE)   ( (EDGE)->site[((EDGE)->site[0] == (SITE))])
#define CV_BG_MODEL_FGD   0
#define CV_BG_MODEL_MOG   1 /* "Mixture of Gaussians". */
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_LC   128
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N1C   15
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N2C   25
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_LCC   64
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N1CC   25
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N2CC   40
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_ALPHA_1   0.1f
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_ALPHA_2   0.005f
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_ALPHA_3   0.1f
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_DELTA   2
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_T   0.9f
#define CV_BGFG_FGD_MINAREA   15.f
#define CV_BGFG_MOG_BACKGROUND_THRESHOLD   0.7 /* threshold sum of weights for background test */
#define CV_BGFG_MOG_STD_THRESHOLD   2.5 /* lambda=2.5 is 99% */
#define CV_BGFG_MOG_WINDOW_SIZE   200 /* Learning rate; alpha = 1/CV_GBG_WINDOW_SIZE */
#define CV_BGFG_MOG_NGAUSSIANS   5 /* = K = number of Gaussians in mixture */
#define CV_BGFG_MOG_WEIGHT_INIT   0.05
#define CV_BGFG_MOG_MINAREA   15.f


typedef int(CV_CDECLCvCallback) (int index, void *buffer, void *user_data)
typedef CvImgObsInfo Cv1DObsInfo
typedef struct CvGLCM CvGLCM
typedef struct CvFaceTracker CvFaceTracker
typedef unsigned char CvBool
typedef CvEMParams cv::EMParams
typedef CvEM cv::ExpectationMaximization
typedef LDetector cv::YAPE
typedef OneWayDescriptorMatcher cv::OneWayDescriptorMatch
typedef FernDescriptorMatcher cv::FernDescriptorMatch
typedef int(CV_CDECLCvUpdateBGStatModel) (IplImage *curr_frame, struct CvBGStatModel *bg_model, double learningRate)


enum  CvLeeParameters {


CvSeqcvSegmentImage (const CvArr *srcarr, CvArr *dstarr, double canny_threshold, double ffill_threshold, CvMemStorage *storage)
void cvCalcCovarMatrixEx (int nObjects, void *input, int ioFlags, int ioBufSize, uchar *buffer, void *userData, IplImage *avg, float *covarMatrix)
void cvCalcEigenObjects (int nObjects, void *input, void *output, int ioFlags, int ioBufSize, void *userData, CvTermCriteria *calcLimit, IplImage *avg, float *eigVals)
double cvCalcDecompCoeff (IplImage *obj, IplImage *eigObj, IplImage *avg)
void cvEigenDecomposite (IplImage *obj, int nEigObjs, void *eigInput, int ioFlags, void *userData, IplImage *avg, float *coeffs)
void cvEigenProjection (void *eigInput, int nEigObjs, int ioFlags, void *userData, float *coeffs, IplImage *avg, IplImage *proj)
CvEHMMcvCreate2DHMM (int *stateNumber, int *numMix, int obsSize)
void cvRelease2DHMM (CvEHMM **hmm)
CvImgObsInfocvCreateObsInfo (CvSize numObs, int obsSize)
void cvReleaseObsInfo (CvImgObsInfo **obs_info)
void cvImgToObs_DCT (const CvArr *arr, float *obs, CvSize dctSize, CvSize obsSize, CvSize delta)
void cvUniformImgSegm (CvImgObsInfo *obs_info, CvEHMM *ehmm)
void cvInitMixSegm (CvImgObsInfo **obs_info_array, int num_img, CvEHMM *hmm)
void cvEstimateHMMStateParams (CvImgObsInfo **obs_info_array, int num_img, CvEHMM *hmm)
void cvEstimateTransProb (CvImgObsInfo **obs_info_array, int num_img, CvEHMM *hmm)
void cvEstimateObsProb (CvImgObsInfo *obs_info, CvEHMM *hmm)
float cvEViterbi (CvImgObsInfo *obs_info, CvEHMM *hmm)
void cvMixSegmL2 (CvImgObsInfo **obs_info_array, int num_img, CvEHMM *hmm)
void cvCreateHandMask (CvSeq *hand_points, IplImage *img_mask, CvRect *roi)
void cvFindHandRegion (CvPoint3D32f *points, int count, CvSeq *indexs, float *line, CvSize2D32f size, int flag, CvPoint3D32f *center, CvMemStorage *storage, CvSeq **numbers)
void cvFindHandRegionA (CvPoint3D32f *points, int count, CvSeq *indexs, float *line, CvSize2D32f size, int jc, CvPoint3D32f *center, CvMemStorage *storage, CvSeq **numbers)
void cvCalcImageHomography (float *line, CvPoint3D32f *center, float *intrinsic, float *homography)
void cvCalcPGH (const CvSeq *contour, CvHistogram *hist)
CvSeqcvFindDominantPoints (CvSeq *contour, CvMemStorage *storage, int method CV_DEFAULT(1), double parameter1 CV_DEFAULT(0), double parameter2 CV_DEFAULT(0), double parameter3 CV_DEFAULT(0), double parameter4 CV_DEFAULT(0))
void cvFindStereoCorrespondence (const CvArr *leftImage, const CvArr *rightImage, int mode, CvArr *dispImage, int maxDisparity, double param1 CV_DEFAULT(12345), double param2 CV_DEFAULT(12345), double param3 CV_DEFAULT(12345), double param4 CV_DEFAULT(12345), double param5 CV_DEFAULT(12345))
int icvConvertWarpCoordinates (double coeffs[3][3], CvPoint2D32f *cameraPoint, CvPoint2D32f *warpPoint, int direction)
int icvGetSymPoint3D (CvPoint3D64f pointCorner, CvPoint3D64f point1, CvPoint3D64f point2, CvPoint3D64f *pointSym2)
void icvGetPieceLength3D (CvPoint3D64f point1, CvPoint3D64f point2, double *dist)
int icvCompute3DPoint (double alpha, double betta, CvStereoLineCoeff *coeffs, CvPoint3D64f *point)
int icvCreateConvertMatrVect (double *rotMatr1, double *transVect1, double *rotMatr2, double *transVect2, double *convRotMatr, double *convTransVect)
int icvConvertPointSystem (CvPoint3D64f M2, CvPoint3D64f *M1, double *rotMatr, double *transVect)
int icvComputeCoeffForStereo (CvStereoCamera *stereoCamera)
int icvGetCrossPieceVector (CvPoint2D32f p1_start, CvPoint2D32f p1_end, CvPoint2D32f v2_start, CvPoint2D32f v2_end, CvPoint2D32f *cross)
int icvGetCrossLineDirect (CvPoint2D32f p1, CvPoint2D32f p2, float a, float b, float c, CvPoint2D32f *cross)
float icvDefinePointPosition (CvPoint2D32f point1, CvPoint2D32f point2, CvPoint2D32f point)
int icvStereoCalibration (int numImages, int *nums, CvSize imageSize, CvPoint2D32f *imagePoints1, CvPoint2D32f *imagePoints2, CvPoint3D32f *objectPoints, CvStereoCamera *stereoparams)
int icvComputeRestStereoParams (CvStereoCamera *stereoparams)
void cvComputePerspectiveMap (const double coeffs[3][3], CvArr *rectMapX, CvArr *rectMapY)
int icvComCoeffForLine (CvPoint2D64f point1, CvPoint2D64f point2, CvPoint2D64f point3, CvPoint2D64f point4, double *camMatr1, double *rotMatr1, double *transVect1, double *camMatr2, double *rotMatr2, double *transVect2, CvStereoLineCoeff *coeffs, int *needSwapCameras)
int icvGetDirectionForPoint (CvPoint2D64f point, double *camMatr, CvPoint3D64f *direct)
int icvGetCrossLines (CvPoint3D64f point11, CvPoint3D64f point12, CvPoint3D64f point21, CvPoint3D64f point22, CvPoint3D64f *midPoint)
int icvComputeStereoLineCoeffs (CvPoint3D64f pointA, CvPoint3D64f pointB, CvPoint3D64f pointCam1, double gamma, CvStereoLineCoeff *coeffs)
int icvGetAngleLine (CvPoint2D64f startPoint, CvSize imageSize, CvPoint2D64f *point1, CvPoint2D64f *point2)
void icvGetCoefForPiece (CvPoint2D64f p_start, CvPoint2D64f p_end, double *a, double *b, double *c, int *result)
void icvComputeeInfiniteProject1 (double *rotMatr, double *camMatr1, double *camMatr2, CvPoint2D32f point1, CvPoint2D32f *point2)
void icvComputeeInfiniteProject2 (double *rotMatr, double *camMatr1, double *camMatr2, CvPoint2D32f *point1, CvPoint2D32f point2)
void icvGetCrossDirectDirect (double *direct1, double *direct2, CvPoint2D64f *cross, int *result)
void icvGetCrossPieceDirect (CvPoint2D64f p_start, CvPoint2D64f p_end, double a, double b, double c, CvPoint2D64f *cross, int *result)
void icvGetCrossPiecePiece (CvPoint2D64f p1_start, CvPoint2D64f p1_end, CvPoint2D64f p2_start, CvPoint2D64f p2_end, CvPoint2D64f *cross, int *result)
void icvGetPieceLength (CvPoint2D64f point1, CvPoint2D64f point2, double *dist)
void icvGetCrossRectDirect (CvSize imageSize, double a, double b, double c, CvPoint2D64f *start, CvPoint2D64f *end, int *result)
void icvProjectPointToImage (CvPoint3D64f point, double *camMatr, double *rotMatr, double *transVect, CvPoint2D64f *projPoint)
void icvGetQuadsTransform (CvSize imageSize, double *camMatr1, double *rotMatr1, double *transVect1, double *camMatr2, double *rotMatr2, double *transVect2, CvSize *warpSize, double quad1[4][2], double quad2[4][2], double *fundMatr, CvPoint3D64f *epipole1, CvPoint3D64f *epipole2)
void icvGetQuadsTransformStruct (CvStereoCamera *stereoCamera)
void icvComputeStereoParamsForCameras (CvStereoCamera *stereoCamera)
void icvGetCutPiece (double *areaLineCoef1, double *areaLineCoef2, CvPoint2D64f epipole, CvSize imageSize, CvPoint2D64f *point11, CvPoint2D64f *point12, CvPoint2D64f *point21, CvPoint2D64f *point22, int *result)
void icvGetMiddleAnglePoint (CvPoint2D64f basePoint, CvPoint2D64f point1, CvPoint2D64f point2, CvPoint2D64f *midPoint)
void icvGetNormalDirect (double *direct, CvPoint2D64f point, double *normDirect)
double icvGetVect (CvPoint2D64f basePoint, CvPoint2D64f point1, CvPoint2D64f point2)
void icvProjectPointToDirect (CvPoint2D64f point, double *lineCoeff, CvPoint2D64f *projectPoint)
void icvGetDistanceFromPointToDirect (CvPoint2D64f point, double *lineCoef, double *dist)
IplImageicvCreateIsometricImage (IplImage *src, IplImage *dst, int desired_depth, int desired_num_channels)
void cvDeInterlace (const CvArr *frame, CvArr *fieldEven, CvArr *fieldOdd)
CvContourTreecvCreateContourTree (const CvSeq *contour, CvMemStorage *storage, double threshold)
CvSeqcvContourFromContourTree (const CvContourTree *tree, CvMemStorage *storage, CvTermCriteria criteria)
double cvMatchContourTrees (const CvContourTree *tree1, const CvContourTree *tree2, int method, double threshold)
CvSeqcvCalcContoursCorrespondence (const CvSeq *contour1, const CvSeq *contour2, CvMemStorage *storage)
CvSeqcvMorphContours (const CvSeq *contour1, const CvSeq *contour2, CvSeq *corr, double alpha, CvMemStorage *storage)
void cvSnakeImage (const IplImage *image, CvPoint *points, int length, float *alpha, float *beta, float *gamma, int coeff_usage, CvSize win, CvTermCriteria criteria, int calc_gradient CV_DEFAULT(1))
CvGLCMcvCreateGLCM (const IplImage *srcImage, int stepMagnitude, const int *stepDirections CV_DEFAULT(0), int numStepDirections CV_DEFAULT(0), int optimizationType CV_DEFAULT(-2))
void cvReleaseGLCM (CvGLCM **GLCM, int flag CV_DEFAULT(0))
void cvCreateGLCMDescriptors (CvGLCM *destGLCM, int descriptorOptimizationType CV_DEFAULT(10))
double cvGetGLCMDescriptor (CvGLCM *GLCM, int step, int descriptor)
void cvGetGLCMDescriptorStatistics (CvGLCM *GLCM, int descriptor, double *average, double *standardDeviation)
IplImagecvCreateGLCMImage (CvGLCM *GLCM, int step)
CvFaceTrackercvInitFaceTracker (CvFaceTracker *pFaceTracking, const IplImage *imgGray, CvRect *pRects, int nRects)
int cvTrackFace (CvFaceTracker *pFaceTracker, IplImage *imgGray, CvRect *pRects, int nRects, CvPoint *ptRotate, double *dbAngleRotate)
void cvReleaseFaceTracker (CvFaceTracker **ppFaceTracker)
CvSeqcvFindFace (IplImage *Image, CvMemStorage *storage)
CvSeqcvPostBoostingFindFace (IplImage *Image, CvMemStorage *storage)
CV_INLINE Cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject (int id, CvPoint2D32f p)
CV_INLINE Cv3dTrackerTrackedObject cv3dTrackerTrackedObject (int id, CvPoint3D32f p)
CvBool cv3dTrackerCalibrateCameras (int num_cameras, const Cv3dTrackerCameraIntrinsics camera_intrinsics[], CvSize etalon_size, float square_size, IplImage *samples[], Cv3dTrackerCameraInfo camera_info[])
int cv3dTrackerLocateObjects (int num_cameras, int num_objects, const Cv3dTrackerCameraInfo camera_info[], const Cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject tracking_info[], Cv3dTrackerTrackedObject tracked_objects[])
int cvVoronoiDiagramFromContour (CvSeq *ContourSeq, CvVoronoiDiagram2D **VoronoiDiagram, CvMemStorage *VoronoiStorage, CvLeeParameters contour_type CV_DEFAULT(CV_LEE_INT), int contour_orientation CV_DEFAULT(-1), int attempt_number CV_DEFAULT(10))
int cvVoronoiDiagramFromImage (IplImage *pImage, CvSeq **ContourSeq, CvVoronoiDiagram2D **VoronoiDiagram, CvMemStorage *VoronoiStorage, CvLeeParameters regularization_method CV_DEFAULT(CV_LEE_NON), float approx_precision CV_DEFAULT(CV_LEE_AUTO))
void cvReleaseVoronoiStorage (CvVoronoiDiagram2D *VoronoiDiagram, CvMemStorage **pVoronoiStorage)
CvGraphcvLinearContorModelFromVoronoiDiagram (CvVoronoiDiagram2D *VoronoiDiagram, float maxWidth)
int cvReleaseLinearContorModelStorage (CvGraph **Graph)
void cvInitPerspectiveTransform (CvSize size, const CvPoint2D32f vertex[4], double matrix[3][3], CvArr *rectMap)
void cvMakeScanlines (const CvMatrix3 *matrix, CvSize img_size, int *scanlines1, int *scanlines2, int *lengths1, int *lengths2, int *line_count)
void cvPreWarpImage (int line_count, IplImage *img, uchar *dst, int *dst_nums, int *scanlines)
void cvFindRuns (int line_count, uchar *prewarp1, uchar *prewarp2, int *line_lengths1, int *line_lengths2, int *runs1, int *runs2, int *num_runs1, int *num_runs2)
void cvDynamicCorrespondMulti (int line_count, int *first, int *first_runs, int *second, int *second_runs, int *first_corr, int *second_corr)
void cvMakeAlphaScanlines (int *scanlines1, int *scanlines2, int *scanlinesA, int *lengths, int line_count, float alpha)
void cvMorphEpilinesMulti (int line_count, uchar *first_pix, int *first_num, uchar *second_pix, int *second_num, uchar *dst_pix, int *dst_num, float alpha, int *first, int *first_runs, int *second, int *second_runs, int *first_corr, int *second_corr)
void cvPostWarpImage (int line_count, uchar *src, int *src_nums, IplImage *img, int *scanlines)
void cvDeleteMoire (IplImage *img)
CvConDensationcvCreateConDensation (int dynam_params, int measure_params, int sample_count)
void cvReleaseConDensation (CvConDensation **condens)
void cvConDensUpdateByTime (CvConDensation *condens)
void cvConDensInitSampleSet (CvConDensation *condens, CvMat *lower_bound, CvMat *upper_bound)
CV_INLINE int iplWidth (const IplImage *img)
CV_INLINE int iplHeight (const IplImage *img)
ucharcv::getData (IplImage *image)
void cvPyrSegmentation (IplImage *src, IplImage *dst, CvMemStorage *storage, CvSeq **comp, int level, double threshold1, double threshold2)
void cvInitSubdivDelaunay2D (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv, CvRect rect)
CvSubdiv2DcvCreateSubdiv2D (int subdiv_type, int header_size, int vtx_size, int quadedge_size, CvMemStorage *storage)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DcvCreateSubdivDelaunay2D (CvRect rect, CvMemStorage *storage)
CvSubdiv2DPointcvSubdivDelaunay2DInsert (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv, CvPoint2D32f pt)
CvSubdiv2DPointLocation cvSubdiv2DLocate (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv, CvPoint2D32f pt, CvSubdiv2DEdge *edge, CvSubdiv2DPoint **vertex CV_DEFAULT(NULL))
void cvCalcSubdivVoronoi2D (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv)
void cvClearSubdivVoronoi2D (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv)
CvSubdiv2DPointcvFindNearestPoint2D (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv, CvPoint2D32f pt)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DNextEdge (CvSubdiv2DEdge edge)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DRotateEdge (CvSubdiv2DEdge edge, int rotate)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DSymEdge (CvSubdiv2DEdge edge)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DGetEdge (CvSubdiv2DEdge edge, CvNextEdgeType type)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DPointcvSubdiv2DEdgeOrg (CvSubdiv2DEdge edge)
CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DPointcvSubdiv2DEdgeDst (CvSubdiv2DEdge edge)
void icvDrawMosaic (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv, IplImage *src, IplImage *dst)
int icvSubdiv2DCheck (CvSubdiv2D *subdiv)
CV_INLINE double icvSqDist2D32f (CvPoint2D32f pt1, CvPoint2D32f pt2)
CV_INLINE double cvTriangleArea (CvPoint2D32f a, CvPoint2D32f b, CvPoint2D32f c)
struct CvFeatureTree * cvCreateKDTree (CvMat *desc)
struct CvFeatureTree * cvCreateSpillTree (const CvMat *raw_data, const int naive CV_DEFAULT(50), const double rho CV_DEFAULT(.7), const double tau CV_DEFAULT(.1))
void cvReleaseFeatureTree (struct CvFeatureTree *tr)
void cvFindFeatures (struct CvFeatureTree *tr, const CvMat *query_points, CvMat *indices, CvMat *dist, int k, int emax CV_DEFAULT(20))
int cvFindFeaturesBoxed (struct CvFeatureTree *tr, CvMat *bounds_min, CvMat *bounds_max, CvMat *out_indices)
struct CvLSH * cvCreateLSH (struct CvLSHOperations *ops, int d, int L CV_DEFAULT(10), int k CV_DEFAULT(10), int type CV_DEFAULT(CV_64FC1), double r CV_DEFAULT(4), int64 seed CV_DEFAULT(-1))
struct CvLSH * cvCreateMemoryLSH (int d, int n, int L CV_DEFAULT(10), int k CV_DEFAULT(10), int type CV_DEFAULT(CV_64FC1), double r CV_DEFAULT(4), int64 seed CV_DEFAULT(-1))
void cvReleaseLSH (struct CvLSH **lsh)
unsigned int LSHSize (struct CvLSH *lsh)
void cvLSHAdd (struct CvLSH *lsh, const CvMat *data, CvMat *indices CV_DEFAULT(0))
void cvLSHRemove (struct CvLSH *lsh, const CvMat *indices)
void cvLSHQuery (struct CvLSH *lsh, const CvMat *query_points, CvMat *indices, CvMat *dist, int k, int emax)
CvStereoGCStatecvCreateStereoGCState (int numberOfDisparities, int maxIters)
void cvReleaseStereoGCState (CvStereoGCState **state)
void cvFindStereoCorrespondenceGC (const CvArr *left, const CvArr *right, CvArr *disparityLeft, CvArr *disparityRight, CvStereoGCState *state, int useDisparityGuess CV_DEFAULT(0))
void cvCalcOpticalFlowLK (const CvArr *prev, const CvArr *curr, CvSize win_size, CvArr *velx, CvArr *vely)
void cvCalcOpticalFlowBM (const CvArr *prev, const CvArr *curr, CvSize block_size, CvSize shift_size, CvSize max_range, int use_previous, CvArr *velx, CvArr *vely)
void cvCalcOpticalFlowHS (const CvArr *prev, const CvArr *curr, int use_previous, CvArr *velx, CvArr *vely, double lambda, CvTermCriteria criteria)
typedef void (CV_CDECL *CvReleaseBGStatModel)(struct CvBGStatModel **bg_model)
void cvReleaseBGStatModel (CvBGStatModel **bg_model)
int cvUpdateBGStatModel (IplImage *current_frame, CvBGStatModel *bg_model, double learningRate CV_DEFAULT(-1))
void cvRefineForegroundMaskBySegm (CvSeq *segments, CvBGStatModel *bg_model)
int cvChangeDetection (IplImage *prev_frame, IplImage *curr_frame, IplImage *change_mask)
CvBGStatModelcvCreateFGDStatModel (IplImage *first_frame, CvFGDStatModelParams *parameters CV_DEFAULT(NULL))
CvBGStatModelcvCreateGaussianBGModel (IplImage *first_frame, CvGaussBGStatModelParams *parameters CV_DEFAULT(NULL))
CvBGCodeBookModelcvCreateBGCodeBookModel (void)
void cvReleaseBGCodeBookModel (CvBGCodeBookModel **model)
void cvBGCodeBookUpdate (CvBGCodeBookModel *model, const CvArr *image, CvRect roi CV_DEFAULT(cvRect(0, 0, 0, 0)), const CvArr *mask CV_DEFAULT(0))
int cvBGCodeBookDiff (const CvBGCodeBookModel *model, const CvArr *image, CvArr *fgmask, CvRect roi CV_DEFAULT(cvRect(0, 0, 0, 0)))
void cvBGCodeBookClearStale (CvBGCodeBookModel *model, int staleThresh, CvRect roi CV_DEFAULT(cvRect(0, 0, 0, 0)), const CvArr *mask CV_DEFAULT(0))
CvSeqcvSegmentFGMask (CvArr *fgmask, int poly1Hull0 CV_DEFAULT(1), float perimScale CV_DEFAULT(4.f), CvMemStorage *storage CV_DEFAULT(0), CvPoint offset CV_DEFAULT(cvPoint(0, 0)))

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CLIQUE_END   0


#define CLIQUE_FOUND   1


#define CLIQUE_TIME_OFF   2


#define CV_ARRAY   2


#define CV_BG_MODEL_FGD   0




#define CV_BG_MODEL_MOG   1 /* "Mixture of Gaussians". */


int type; /*type of BG model*/ \
CvReleaseBGStatModel release; \
CvUpdateBGStatModel update; \
IplImage* background; /*8UC3 reference background image*/ \
IplImage* foreground; /*8UC1 foreground image*/ \
IplImage** layers; /*8UC3 reference background image, can be null */ \
int layer_count; /* can be zero */ \
CvMemStorage* storage; /*storage for foreground_regions*/ \
CvSeq* foreground_regions /*foreground object contours*/


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_ALPHA_1   0.1f


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_ALPHA_2   0.005f


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_ALPHA_3   0.1f




#define CV_BGFG_FGD_DELTA   2


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_LC   128


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_LCC   64


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_MINAREA   15.f


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N1C   15


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N1CC   25


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N2C   25


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_N2CC   40


#define CV_BGFG_FGD_T   0.9f


#define CV_BGFG_MOG_BACKGROUND_THRESHOLD   0.7 /* threshold sum of weights for background test */




#define CV_BGFG_MOG_MINAREA   15.f




#define CV_BGFG_MOG_NGAUSSIANS   5 /* = K = number of Gaussians in mixture */




#define CV_BGFG_MOG_STD_THRESHOLD   2.5 /* lambda=2.5 is 99% */


#define CV_BGFG_MOG_WEIGHT_INIT   0.05


#define CV_BGFG_MOG_WINDOW_SIZE   200 /* Learning rate; alpha = 1/CV_GBG_WINDOW_SIZE */


#define CV_CAMERA_TO_WARP   1


#define CV_COUNT_OBS (   roi,
{ \
(numObs)->width =((roi)->width -(win)->width +(delta)->width)/(delta)->width; \
(numObs)->height =((roi)->height -(win)->height +(delta)->height)/(delta)->height;\


#define CV_CURRENT_INT (   reader)    (*((int *)(reader).ptr))




#define CV_DOMINANT_IPAN   1










#define CV_FIRST_VORONOIEDGE2D (   SITE)    ((SITE)->edge[0])


#define CV_GLCM_ALL   0


#define CV_GLCM_DESC   2


#define CV_GLCM_GLCM   1




































float weight;
Definition: core/include/opencv2/core/types_c.h:1440












#define CV_LAST_VORONOIEDGE2D (   SITE)    ((SITE)->edge[1])


)    ((EDGE)->next[(EDGE)->site[0] != (SITE)])


#define CV_NEXT_VORONOISITE2D (   SITE)    ((SITE)->edge[0]->site[((SITE)->edge[0]->site[0] == (SITE))])




#define CV_PREV_INT (   reader)    (*((int *)(reader).prev_elem))


)    ((EDGE)->next[2 + ((EDGE)->site[0] != (SITE))])


#define CV_PREV_VORONOISITE2D (   SITE)    ((SITE)->edge[1]->site[((SITE)->edge[1]->site[0] == (SITE))])




)    ( (EDGE)->site[((EDGE)->site[0] == (SITE))])


#define CV_UNDEF_SC_PARAM   12345


#define CV_VALUE   1


CvSet *sites;
Definition: core/include/opencv2/core/types_c.h:1468


)    ((EDGE)->node[((EDGE)->site[0] != (SITE))])


)    ((EDGE)->node[((EDGE)->site[0] == (SITE))])


struct CvVoronoiNode2D *node[2]; \
struct CvVoronoiSite2D *site[2]; \
struct CvVoronoiEdge2D *next[4];
Definition: legacy.hpp:984
Definition: legacy.hpp:995
Definition: legacy.hpp:1005


CvPoint2D32f pt; \
float radius;
#define CV_SET_ELEM_FIELDS(elem_type)
Definition: core/include/opencv2/core/types_c.h:1385
float radius
Definition: legacy.hpp:1007
Definition: legacy.hpp:1005


struct CvVoronoiNode2D *node[2]; \
struct CvVoronoiEdge2D *edge[2];
Definition: legacy.hpp:995
Definition: legacy.hpp:1005


#define CV_WARP_TO_CAMERA   2

Typedef Documentation

§ Cv1DObsInfo

§ CvBool

typedef unsigned char CvBool

§ CvCallback

typedef int(CV_CDECL * CvCallback) (int index, void *buffer, void *user_data)

§ CvFaceTracker

typedef struct CvFaceTracker CvFaceTracker


typedef struct CvGLCM CvGLCM

§ CvUpdateBGStatModel

typedef int(CV_CDECL * CvUpdateBGStatModel) (IplImage *curr_frame, struct CvBGStatModel *bg_model, double learningRate)

Enumeration Type Documentation

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum



§ CvCalibEtalonType


§ CvGraphWeightType


§ CvLeeParameters


Function Documentation

§ cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject()

CV_INLINE Cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject ( int  id,
CvPoint2D32f  p 

§ cv3dTrackerCalibrateCameras()

CvBool cv3dTrackerCalibrateCameras ( int  num_cameras,
const Cv3dTrackerCameraIntrinsics  camera_intrinsics[],
CvSize  etalon_size,
float  square_size,
IplImage samples[],
Cv3dTrackerCameraInfo  camera_info[] 

§ cv3dTrackerLocateObjects()

int cv3dTrackerLocateObjects ( int  num_cameras,
int  num_objects,
const Cv3dTrackerCameraInfo  camera_info[],
const Cv3dTracker2dTrackedObject  tracking_info[],
Cv3dTrackerTrackedObject  tracked_objects[] 

§ cv3dTrackerTrackedObject()

CV_INLINE Cv3dTrackerTrackedObject cv3dTrackerTrackedObject ( int  id,
CvPoint3D32f  p 

§ cvBGCodeBookClearStale()

void cvBGCodeBookClearStale ( CvBGCodeBookModel model,
int  staleThresh,
CvRect roi   CV_DEFAULTcvRect(0, 0, 0, 0),
const CvArr *mask   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvBGCodeBookDiff()

int cvBGCodeBookDiff ( const CvBGCodeBookModel model,
const CvArr image,
CvArr fgmask,
CvRect roi   CV_DEFAULTcvRect(0, 0, 0, 0) 

§ cvBGCodeBookUpdate()

void cvBGCodeBookUpdate ( CvBGCodeBookModel model,
const CvArr image,
CvRect roi   CV_DEFAULTcvRect(0, 0, 0, 0),
const CvArr *mask   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvCalcContoursCorrespondence()

CvSeq* cvCalcContoursCorrespondence ( const CvSeq contour1,
const CvSeq contour2,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvCalcCovarMatrixEx()

void cvCalcCovarMatrixEx ( int  nObjects,
void input,
int  ioFlags,
int  ioBufSize,
uchar buffer,
void userData,
IplImage avg,
float *  covarMatrix 

§ cvCalcDecompCoeff()

double cvCalcDecompCoeff ( IplImage obj,
IplImage eigObj,
IplImage avg 

§ cvCalcEigenObjects()

void cvCalcEigenObjects ( int  nObjects,
void input,
void output,
int  ioFlags,
int  ioBufSize,
void userData,
CvTermCriteria calcLimit,
IplImage avg,
float *  eigVals 

§ cvCalcImageHomography()

void cvCalcImageHomography ( float *  line,
CvPoint3D32f center,
float *  intrinsic,
float *  homography 

§ cvCalcOpticalFlowBM()

void cvCalcOpticalFlowBM ( const CvArr prev,
const CvArr curr,
CvSize  block_size,
CvSize  shift_size,
CvSize  max_range,
int  use_previous,
CvArr velx,
CvArr vely 

§ cvCalcOpticalFlowHS()

void cvCalcOpticalFlowHS ( const CvArr prev,
const CvArr curr,
int  use_previous,
CvArr velx,
CvArr vely,
double  lambda,
CvTermCriteria  criteria 

§ cvCalcOpticalFlowLK()

void cvCalcOpticalFlowLK ( const CvArr prev,
const CvArr curr,
CvSize  win_size,
CvArr velx,
CvArr vely 

§ cvCalcPGH()

void cvCalcPGH ( const CvSeq contour,
CvHistogram hist 

§ cvCalcSubdivVoronoi2D()

void cvCalcSubdivVoronoi2D ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv)

§ cvChangeDetection()

int cvChangeDetection ( IplImage prev_frame,
IplImage curr_frame,
IplImage change_mask 

§ cvClearSubdivVoronoi2D()

void cvClearSubdivVoronoi2D ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv)

§ cvComputePerspectiveMap()

void cvComputePerspectiveMap ( const double  coeffs[3][3],
CvArr rectMapX,
CvArr rectMapY 

§ cvConDensInitSampleSet()

void cvConDensInitSampleSet ( CvConDensation condens,
CvMat lower_bound,
CvMat upper_bound 

§ cvConDensUpdateByTime()

void cvConDensUpdateByTime ( CvConDensation condens)

§ cvContourFromContourTree()

CvSeq* cvContourFromContourTree ( const CvContourTree tree,
CvMemStorage storage,
CvTermCriteria  criteria 

§ cvCreate2DHMM()

CvEHMM* cvCreate2DHMM ( int stateNumber,
int numMix,
int  obsSize 

§ cvCreateBGCodeBookModel()

CvBGCodeBookModel* cvCreateBGCodeBookModel ( void  )

§ cvCreateConDensation()

CvConDensation* cvCreateConDensation ( int  dynam_params,
int  measure_params,
int  sample_count 

§ cvCreateContourTree()

CvContourTree* cvCreateContourTree ( const CvSeq contour,
CvMemStorage storage,
double  threshold 

§ cvCreateFGDStatModel()

CvBGStatModel* cvCreateFGDStatModel ( IplImage first_frame,
CvFGDStatModelParams *parameters   CV_DEFAULTNULL 

§ cvCreateGaussianBGModel()

CvBGStatModel* cvCreateGaussianBGModel ( IplImage first_frame,
CvGaussBGStatModelParams *parameters   CV_DEFAULTNULL 

§ cvCreateGLCM()

CvGLCM* cvCreateGLCM ( const IplImage srcImage,
int  stepMagnitude,
const int *stepDirections   CV_DEFAULT0,
int numStepDirections   CV_DEFAULT0,
int optimizationType   CV_DEFAULT-2 

§ cvCreateGLCMDescriptors()

void cvCreateGLCMDescriptors ( CvGLCM destGLCM,
int descriptorOptimizationType   CV_DEFAULT10 

§ cvCreateGLCMImage()

IplImage* cvCreateGLCMImage ( CvGLCM GLCM,
int  step 

§ cvCreateHandMask()

void cvCreateHandMask ( CvSeq hand_points,
IplImage img_mask,
CvRect roi 

§ cvCreateKDTree()

struct CvFeatureTree* cvCreateKDTree ( CvMat desc)

§ cvCreateLSH()

struct CvLSH* cvCreateLSH ( struct CvLSHOperations ops,
int  d,
int L   CV_DEFAULT10,
int k   CV_DEFAULT10,
int type   CV_DEFAULTCV_64FC1,
double r   CV_DEFAULT4,
int64 seed   CV_DEFAULT-1 

§ cvCreateMemoryLSH()

struct CvLSH* cvCreateMemoryLSH ( int  d,
int  n,
int L   CV_DEFAULT10,
int k   CV_DEFAULT10,
int type   CV_DEFAULTCV_64FC1,
double r   CV_DEFAULT4,
int64 seed   CV_DEFAULT-1 

§ cvCreateObsInfo()

CvImgObsInfo* cvCreateObsInfo ( CvSize  numObs,
int  obsSize 

§ cvCreateSpillTree()

struct CvFeatureTree* cvCreateSpillTree ( const CvMat raw_data,
const int naive   CV_DEFAULT50,
const double rho   CV_DEFAULT.7,
const double tau   CV_DEFAULT.1 

§ cvCreateStereoGCState()

CvStereoGCState* cvCreateStereoGCState ( int  numberOfDisparities,
int  maxIters 

§ cvCreateSubdiv2D()

CvSubdiv2D* cvCreateSubdiv2D ( int  subdiv_type,
int  header_size,
int  vtx_size,
int  quadedge_size,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvCreateSubdivDelaunay2D()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2D* cvCreateSubdivDelaunay2D ( CvRect  rect,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvDeInterlace()

void cvDeInterlace ( const CvArr frame,
CvArr fieldEven,
CvArr fieldOdd 

§ cvDeleteMoire()

void cvDeleteMoire ( IplImage img)

§ cvDynamicCorrespondMulti()

void cvDynamicCorrespondMulti ( int  line_count,
int first,
int first_runs,
int second,
int second_runs,
int first_corr,
int second_corr 

§ cvEigenDecomposite()

void cvEigenDecomposite ( IplImage obj,
int  nEigObjs,
void eigInput,
int  ioFlags,
void userData,
IplImage avg,
float *  coeffs 

§ cvEigenProjection()

void cvEigenProjection ( void eigInput,
int  nEigObjs,
int  ioFlags,
void userData,
float *  coeffs,
IplImage avg,
IplImage proj 

§ cvEstimateHMMStateParams()

void cvEstimateHMMStateParams ( CvImgObsInfo **  obs_info_array,
int  num_img,
CvEHMM hmm 

§ cvEstimateObsProb()

void cvEstimateObsProb ( CvImgObsInfo obs_info,
CvEHMM hmm 

§ cvEstimateTransProb()

void cvEstimateTransProb ( CvImgObsInfo **  obs_info_array,
int  num_img,
CvEHMM hmm 

§ cvEViterbi()

float cvEViterbi ( CvImgObsInfo obs_info,
CvEHMM hmm 

§ cvFindDominantPoints()

CvSeq* cvFindDominantPoints ( CvSeq contour,
CvMemStorage storage,
int method   CV_DEFAULT1,
double parameter1   CV_DEFAULT0,
double parameter2   CV_DEFAULT0,
double parameter3   CV_DEFAULT0,
double parameter4   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvFindFace()

CvSeq* cvFindFace ( IplImage Image,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvFindFeatures()

void cvFindFeatures ( struct CvFeatureTree *  tr,
const CvMat query_points,
CvMat indices,
CvMat dist,
int  k,
int emax   CV_DEFAULT20 

§ cvFindFeaturesBoxed()

int cvFindFeaturesBoxed ( struct CvFeatureTree *  tr,
CvMat bounds_min,
CvMat bounds_max,
CvMat out_indices 

§ cvFindHandRegion()

void cvFindHandRegion ( CvPoint3D32f points,
int  count,
CvSeq indexs,
float *  line,
CvSize2D32f  size,
int  flag,
CvPoint3D32f center,
CvMemStorage storage,
CvSeq **  numbers 

§ cvFindHandRegionA()

void cvFindHandRegionA ( CvPoint3D32f points,
int  count,
CvSeq indexs,
float *  line,
CvSize2D32f  size,
int  jc,
CvPoint3D32f center,
CvMemStorage storage,
CvSeq **  numbers 

§ cvFindNearestPoint2D()

CvSubdiv2DPoint* cvFindNearestPoint2D ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv,
CvPoint2D32f  pt 

§ cvFindRuns()

void cvFindRuns ( int  line_count,
uchar prewarp1,
uchar prewarp2,
int line_lengths1,
int line_lengths2,
int runs1,
int runs2,
int num_runs1,
int num_runs2 

§ cvFindStereoCorrespondence()

void cvFindStereoCorrespondence ( const CvArr leftImage,
const CvArr rightImage,
int  mode,
CvArr dispImage,
int  maxDisparity,
double param1   CV_DEFAULT12345,
double param2   CV_DEFAULT12345,
double param3   CV_DEFAULT12345,
double param4   CV_DEFAULT12345,
double param5   CV_DEFAULT12345 

§ cvFindStereoCorrespondenceGC()

void cvFindStereoCorrespondenceGC ( const CvArr left,
const CvArr right,
CvArr disparityLeft,
CvArr disparityRight,
CvStereoGCState state,
int useDisparityGuess   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvGetGLCMDescriptor()

double cvGetGLCMDescriptor ( CvGLCM GLCM,
int  step,
int  descriptor 

§ cvGetGLCMDescriptorStatistics()

void cvGetGLCMDescriptorStatistics ( CvGLCM GLCM,
int  descriptor,
double *  average,
double *  standardDeviation 

§ cvImgToObs_DCT()

void cvImgToObs_DCT ( const CvArr arr,
float *  obs,
CvSize  dctSize,
CvSize  obsSize,
CvSize  delta 

§ cvInitFaceTracker()

CvFaceTracker* cvInitFaceTracker ( CvFaceTracker pFaceTracking,
const IplImage imgGray,
CvRect pRects,
int  nRects 

§ cvInitMixSegm()

void cvInitMixSegm ( CvImgObsInfo **  obs_info_array,
int  num_img,
CvEHMM hmm 

§ cvInitPerspectiveTransform()

void cvInitPerspectiveTransform ( CvSize  size,
const CvPoint2D32f  vertex[4],
double  matrix[3][3],
CvArr rectMap 

§ cvInitSubdivDelaunay2D()

void cvInitSubdivDelaunay2D ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv,
CvRect  rect 

§ cvLinearContorModelFromVoronoiDiagram()

CvGraph* cvLinearContorModelFromVoronoiDiagram ( CvVoronoiDiagram2D VoronoiDiagram,
float  maxWidth 

§ cvLSHAdd()

void cvLSHAdd ( struct CvLSH *  lsh,
const CvMat data,
CvMat *indices   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvLSHQuery()

void cvLSHQuery ( struct CvLSH *  lsh,
const CvMat query_points,
CvMat indices,
CvMat dist,
int  k,
int  emax 

§ cvLSHRemove()

void cvLSHRemove ( struct CvLSH *  lsh,
const CvMat indices 

§ cvMakeAlphaScanlines()

void cvMakeAlphaScanlines ( int scanlines1,
int scanlines2,
int scanlinesA,
int lengths,
int  line_count,
float  alpha 

§ cvMakeScanlines()

void cvMakeScanlines ( const CvMatrix3 matrix,
CvSize  img_size,
int scanlines1,
int scanlines2,
int lengths1,
int lengths2,
int line_count 

§ cvMatchContourTrees()

double cvMatchContourTrees ( const CvContourTree tree1,
const CvContourTree tree2,
int  method,
double  threshold 

§ cvMixSegmL2()

void cvMixSegmL2 ( CvImgObsInfo **  obs_info_array,
int  num_img,
CvEHMM hmm 

§ cvMorphContours()

CvSeq* cvMorphContours ( const CvSeq contour1,
const CvSeq contour2,
CvSeq corr,
double  alpha,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvMorphEpilinesMulti()

void cvMorphEpilinesMulti ( int  line_count,
uchar first_pix,
int first_num,
uchar second_pix,
int second_num,
uchar dst_pix,
int dst_num,
float  alpha,
int first,
int first_runs,
int second,
int second_runs,
int first_corr,
int second_corr 

§ cvPostBoostingFindFace()

CvSeq* cvPostBoostingFindFace ( IplImage Image,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvPostWarpImage()

void cvPostWarpImage ( int  line_count,
uchar src,
int src_nums,
IplImage img,
int scanlines 

§ cvPreWarpImage()

void cvPreWarpImage ( int  line_count,
IplImage img,
uchar dst,
int dst_nums,
int scanlines 

§ cvPyrSegmentation()

void cvPyrSegmentation ( IplImage src,
IplImage dst,
CvMemStorage storage,
CvSeq **  comp,
int  level,
double  threshold1,
double  threshold2 

§ cvRefineForegroundMaskBySegm()

void cvRefineForegroundMaskBySegm ( CvSeq segments,
CvBGStatModel bg_model 

§ cvRelease2DHMM()

void cvRelease2DHMM ( CvEHMM **  hmm)

§ cvReleaseBGCodeBookModel()

void cvReleaseBGCodeBookModel ( CvBGCodeBookModel **  model)

§ cvReleaseBGStatModel()

void cvReleaseBGStatModel ( CvBGStatModel **  bg_model)

§ cvReleaseConDensation()

void cvReleaseConDensation ( CvConDensation **  condens)

§ cvReleaseFaceTracker()

void cvReleaseFaceTracker ( CvFaceTracker **  ppFaceTracker)

§ cvReleaseFeatureTree()

void cvReleaseFeatureTree ( struct CvFeatureTree *  tr)

§ cvReleaseGLCM()

void cvReleaseGLCM ( CvGLCM **  GLCM,
int flag   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvReleaseLinearContorModelStorage()

int cvReleaseLinearContorModelStorage ( CvGraph **  Graph)

§ cvReleaseLSH()

void cvReleaseLSH ( struct CvLSH **  lsh)

§ cvReleaseObsInfo()

void cvReleaseObsInfo ( CvImgObsInfo **  obs_info)

§ cvReleaseStereoGCState()

void cvReleaseStereoGCState ( CvStereoGCState **  state)

§ cvReleaseVoronoiStorage()

void cvReleaseVoronoiStorage ( CvVoronoiDiagram2D VoronoiDiagram,
CvMemStorage **  pVoronoiStorage 

§ cvSegmentFGMask()

CvSeq* cvSegmentFGMask ( CvArr fgmask,
int poly1Hull0   CV_DEFAULT1,
float perimScale   CV_DEFAULT4.f,
CvMemStorage *storage   CV_DEFAULT0,
CvPoint offset   CV_DEFAULTcvPoint(0, 0) 

§ cvSegmentImage()

CvSeq* cvSegmentImage ( const CvArr srcarr,
CvArr dstarr,
double  canny_threshold,
double  ffill_threshold,
CvMemStorage storage 

§ cvSnakeImage()

void cvSnakeImage ( const IplImage image,
CvPoint points,
int  length,
float *  alpha,
float *  beta,
float *  gamma,
int  coeff_usage,
CvSize  win,
CvTermCriteria  criteria,
int calc_gradient   CV_DEFAULT

§ cvSubdiv2DEdgeDst()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DPoint* cvSubdiv2DEdgeDst ( CvSubdiv2DEdge  edge)

§ cvSubdiv2DEdgeOrg()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DPoint* cvSubdiv2DEdgeOrg ( CvSubdiv2DEdge  edge)

§ cvSubdiv2DGetEdge()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DGetEdge ( CvSubdiv2DEdge  edge,
CvNextEdgeType  type 

§ cvSubdiv2DLocate()

CvSubdiv2DPointLocation cvSubdiv2DLocate ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv,
CvPoint2D32f  pt,
CvSubdiv2DEdge edge,
CvSubdiv2DPoint **vertex   CV_DEFAULTNULL 

§ cvSubdiv2DNextEdge()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DNextEdge ( CvSubdiv2DEdge  edge)

§ cvSubdiv2DRotateEdge()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DRotateEdge ( CvSubdiv2DEdge  edge,
int  rotate 

§ cvSubdiv2DSymEdge()

CV_INLINE CvSubdiv2DEdge cvSubdiv2DSymEdge ( CvSubdiv2DEdge  edge)

§ cvSubdivDelaunay2DInsert()

CvSubdiv2DPoint* cvSubdivDelaunay2DInsert ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv,
CvPoint2D32f  pt 

§ cvTrackFace()

int cvTrackFace ( CvFaceTracker pFaceTracker,
IplImage imgGray,
CvRect pRects,
int  nRects,
CvPoint ptRotate,
double *  dbAngleRotate 

§ cvTriangleArea()

CV_INLINE double cvTriangleArea ( CvPoint2D32f  a,
CvPoint2D32f  b,
CvPoint2D32f  c 

§ cvUniformImgSegm()

void cvUniformImgSegm ( CvImgObsInfo obs_info,
CvEHMM ehmm 

§ cvUpdateBGStatModel()

int cvUpdateBGStatModel ( IplImage current_frame,
CvBGStatModel bg_model,
double learningRate   CV_DEFAULT-1 

§ cvVoronoiDiagramFromContour()

int cvVoronoiDiagramFromContour ( CvSeq ContourSeq,
CvVoronoiDiagram2D **  VoronoiDiagram,
CvMemStorage VoronoiStorage,
CvLeeParameters contour_type   CV_DEFAULTCV_LEE_INT,
int contour_orientation   CV_DEFAULT-1,
int attempt_number   CV_DEFAULT10 

§ cvVoronoiDiagramFromImage()

int cvVoronoiDiagramFromImage ( IplImage pImage,
CvSeq **  ContourSeq,
CvVoronoiDiagram2D **  VoronoiDiagram,
CvMemStorage VoronoiStorage,
CvLeeParameters regularization_method   CV_DEFAULTCV_LEE_NON,
float approx_precision   CV_DEFAULTCV_LEE_AUTO 

§ icvComCoeffForLine()

int icvComCoeffForLine ( CvPoint2D64f  point1,
CvPoint2D64f  point2,
CvPoint2D64f  point3,
CvPoint2D64f  point4,
double *  camMatr1,
double *  rotMatr1,
double *  transVect1,
double *  camMatr2,
double *  rotMatr2,
double *  transVect2,
CvStereoLineCoeff coeffs,
int needSwapCameras 

§ icvCompute3DPoint()

int icvCompute3DPoint ( double  alpha,
double  betta,
CvStereoLineCoeff coeffs,
CvPoint3D64f point 

§ icvComputeCoeffForStereo()

int icvComputeCoeffForStereo ( CvStereoCamera stereoCamera)

§ icvComputeeInfiniteProject1()

void icvComputeeInfiniteProject1 ( double *  rotMatr,
double *  camMatr1,
double *  camMatr2,
CvPoint2D32f  point1,
CvPoint2D32f point2 

§ icvComputeeInfiniteProject2()

void icvComputeeInfiniteProject2 ( double *  rotMatr,
double *  camMatr1,
double *  camMatr2,
CvPoint2D32f point1,
CvPoint2D32f  point2 

§ icvComputeRestStereoParams()

int icvComputeRestStereoParams ( CvStereoCamera stereoparams)

§ icvComputeStereoLineCoeffs()

int icvComputeStereoLineCoeffs ( CvPoint3D64f  pointA,
CvPoint3D64f  pointB,
CvPoint3D64f  pointCam1,
double  gamma,
CvStereoLineCoeff coeffs 

§ icvComputeStereoParamsForCameras()

void icvComputeStereoParamsForCameras ( CvStereoCamera stereoCamera)

§ icvConvertPointSystem()

int icvConvertPointSystem ( CvPoint3D64f  M2,
CvPoint3D64f M1,
double *  rotMatr,
double *  transVect 

§ icvConvertWarpCoordinates()

int icvConvertWarpCoordinates ( double  coeffs[3][3],
CvPoint2D32f cameraPoint,
CvPoint2D32f warpPoint,
int  direction 

§ icvCreateConvertMatrVect()

int icvCreateConvertMatrVect ( double *  rotMatr1,
double *  transVect1,
double *  rotMatr2,
double *  transVect2,
double *  convRotMatr,
double *  convTransVect 

§ icvCreateIsometricImage()

IplImage* icvCreateIsometricImage ( IplImage src,
IplImage dst,
int  desired_depth,
int  desired_num_channels 

§ icvDefinePointPosition()

float icvDefinePointPosition ( CvPoint2D32f  point1,
CvPoint2D32f  point2,
CvPoint2D32f  point 

§ icvDrawMosaic()

void icvDrawMosaic ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv,
IplImage src,
IplImage dst 

§ icvGetAngleLine()

int icvGetAngleLine ( CvPoint2D64f  startPoint,
CvSize  imageSize,
CvPoint2D64f point1,
CvPoint2D64f point2 

§ icvGetCoefForPiece()

void icvGetCoefForPiece ( CvPoint2D64f  p_start,
CvPoint2D64f  p_end,
double *  a,
double *  b,
double *  c,
int result 

§ icvGetCrossDirectDirect()

void icvGetCrossDirectDirect ( double *  direct1,
double *  direct2,
CvPoint2D64f cross,
int result 

§ icvGetCrossLineDirect()

int icvGetCrossLineDirect ( CvPoint2D32f  p1,
CvPoint2D32f  p2,
float  a,
float  b,
float  c,
CvPoint2D32f cross 

§ icvGetCrossLines()

int icvGetCrossLines ( CvPoint3D64f  point11,
CvPoint3D64f  point12,
CvPoint3D64f  point21,
CvPoint3D64f  point22,
CvPoint3D64f midPoint 

§ icvGetCrossPieceDirect()

void icvGetCrossPieceDirect ( CvPoint2D64f  p_start,
CvPoint2D64f  p_end,
double  a,
double  b,
double  c,
CvPoint2D64f cross,
int result 

§ icvGetCrossPiecePiece()

void icvGetCrossPiecePiece ( CvPoint2D64f  p1_start,
CvPoint2D64f  p1_end,
CvPoint2D64f  p2_start,
CvPoint2D64f  p2_end,
CvPoint2D64f cross,
int result 

§ icvGetCrossPieceVector()

int icvGetCrossPieceVector ( CvPoint2D32f  p1_start,
CvPoint2D32f  p1_end,
CvPoint2D32f  v2_start,
CvPoint2D32f  v2_end,
CvPoint2D32f cross 

§ icvGetCrossRectDirect()

void icvGetCrossRectDirect ( CvSize  imageSize,
double  a,
double  b,
double  c,
CvPoint2D64f start,
CvPoint2D64f end,
int result 

§ icvGetCutPiece()

void icvGetCutPiece ( double *  areaLineCoef1,
double *  areaLineCoef2,
CvPoint2D64f  epipole,
CvSize  imageSize,
CvPoint2D64f point11,
CvPoint2D64f point12,
CvPoint2D64f point21,
CvPoint2D64f point22,
int result 

§ icvGetDirectionForPoint()

int icvGetDirectionForPoint ( CvPoint2D64f  point,
double *  camMatr,
CvPoint3D64f direct 

§ icvGetDistanceFromPointToDirect()

void icvGetDistanceFromPointToDirect ( CvPoint2D64f  point,
double *  lineCoef,
double *  dist 

§ icvGetMiddleAnglePoint()

void icvGetMiddleAnglePoint ( CvPoint2D64f  basePoint,
CvPoint2D64f  point1,
CvPoint2D64f  point2,
CvPoint2D64f midPoint 

§ icvGetNormalDirect()

void icvGetNormalDirect ( double *  direct,
CvPoint2D64f  point,
double *  normDirect 

§ icvGetPieceLength()

void icvGetPieceLength ( CvPoint2D64f  point1,
CvPoint2D64f  point2,
double *  dist 

§ icvGetPieceLength3D()

void icvGetPieceLength3D ( CvPoint3D64f  point1,
CvPoint3D64f  point2,
double *  dist 

§ icvGetQuadsTransform()

void icvGetQuadsTransform ( CvSize  imageSize,
double *  camMatr1,
double *  rotMatr1,
double *  transVect1,
double *  camMatr2,
double *  rotMatr2,
double *  transVect2,
CvSize warpSize,
double  quad1[4][2],
double  quad2[4][2],
double *  fundMatr,
CvPoint3D64f epipole1,
CvPoint3D64f epipole2 

§ icvGetQuadsTransformStruct()

void icvGetQuadsTransformStruct ( CvStereoCamera stereoCamera)

§ icvGetSymPoint3D()

int icvGetSymPoint3D ( CvPoint3D64f  pointCorner,
CvPoint3D64f  point1,
CvPoint3D64f  point2,
CvPoint3D64f pointSym2 

§ icvGetVect()

double icvGetVect ( CvPoint2D64f  basePoint,
CvPoint2D64f  point1,
CvPoint2D64f  point2 

§ icvProjectPointToDirect()

void icvProjectPointToDirect ( CvPoint2D64f  point,
double *  lineCoeff,
CvPoint2D64f projectPoint 

§ icvProjectPointToImage()

void icvProjectPointToImage ( CvPoint3D64f  point,
double *  camMatr,
double *  rotMatr,
double *  transVect,
CvPoint2D64f projPoint 

§ icvSqDist2D32f()

CV_INLINE double icvSqDist2D32f ( CvPoint2D32f  pt1,
CvPoint2D32f  pt2 

§ icvStereoCalibration()

int icvStereoCalibration ( int  numImages,
int nums,
CvSize  imageSize,
CvPoint2D32f imagePoints1,
CvPoint2D32f imagePoints2,
CvPoint3D32f objectPoints,
CvStereoCamera stereoparams 

§ icvSubdiv2DCheck()

int icvSubdiv2DCheck ( CvSubdiv2D subdiv)

§ iplHeight()

CV_INLINE int iplHeight ( const IplImage img)

§ iplWidth()

CV_INLINE int iplWidth ( const IplImage img)

§ LSHSize()

unsigned int LSHSize ( struct CvLSH *  lsh)

§ void()

typedef void ( CV_CDECL CvReleaseBGStatModel)