Open Source Computer Vision
CvStereoLineCoeff Struct Reference

#include <legacy.hpp>

Public Attributes

double Xcoef
double XcoefA
double XcoefB
double XcoefAB
double Ycoef
double YcoefA
double YcoefB
double YcoefAB
double Zcoef
double ZcoefA
double ZcoefB
double ZcoefAB

Member Data Documentation

§ Xcoef

double CvStereoLineCoeff::Xcoef

§ XcoefA

double CvStereoLineCoeff::XcoefA

§ XcoefAB

double CvStereoLineCoeff::XcoefAB

§ XcoefB

double CvStereoLineCoeff::XcoefB

§ Ycoef

double CvStereoLineCoeff::Ycoef

§ YcoefA

double CvStereoLineCoeff::YcoefA

§ YcoefAB

double CvStereoLineCoeff::YcoefAB

§ YcoefB

double CvStereoLineCoeff::YcoefB

§ Zcoef

double CvStereoLineCoeff::Zcoef

§ ZcoefA

double CvStereoLineCoeff::ZcoefA

§ ZcoefAB

double CvStereoLineCoeff::ZcoefAB

§ ZcoefB

double CvStereoLineCoeff::ZcoefB

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