Open Source Computer Vision
CvStereoCamera Struct Reference

#include <legacy.hpp>

Public Attributes

CvCameracamera [2]
float fundMatr [9]
CvPoint3D32f epipole [2]
CvPoint2D32f quad [2][4]
double coeffs [2][3][3]
CvPoint2D32f border [2][4]
CvSize warpSize
int needSwapCameras
float rotMatrix [9]
float transVector [3]

Member Data Documentation

§ border

CvPoint2D32f CvStereoCamera::border[2][4]

§ camera

CvCamera* CvStereoCamera::camera[2]

§ coeffs

double CvStereoCamera::coeffs[2][3][3]

§ epipole

CvPoint3D32f CvStereoCamera::epipole[2]

§ fundMatr

float CvStereoCamera::fundMatr[9]

§ lineCoeffs

CvStereoLineCoeff* CvStereoCamera::lineCoeffs

§ needSwapCameras

int CvStereoCamera::needSwapCameras

§ quad

CvPoint2D32f CvStereoCamera::quad[2][4]

§ rotMatrix

float CvStereoCamera::rotMatrix[9]

§ transVector

float CvStereoCamera::transVector[3]

§ warpSize

CvSize CvStereoCamera::warpSize

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