Open Source Computer Vision
CvConDensation Struct Reference

#include <legacy.hpp>

Public Attributes

int MP
int DP
float * DynamMatr
float * State
int SamplesNum
float ** flSamples
float ** flNewSamples
float * flConfidence
float * flCumulative
float * Temp
float * RandomSample
struct CvRandStateRandS

Member Data Documentation

§ DP

int CvConDensation::DP

§ DynamMatr

float* CvConDensation::DynamMatr

§ flConfidence

float* CvConDensation::flConfidence

§ flCumulative

float* CvConDensation::flCumulative

§ flNewSamples

float** CvConDensation::flNewSamples

§ flSamples

float** CvConDensation::flSamples

§ MP

int CvConDensation::MP

§ RandomSample

float* CvConDensation::RandomSample

§ RandS

struct CvRandState* CvConDensation::RandS

§ SamplesNum

int CvConDensation::SamplesNum

§ State

float* CvConDensation::State

§ Temp

float* CvConDensation::Temp

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