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cv::PatchGenerator Class Reference

#include <legacy.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 PatchGenerator ()
 PatchGenerator (double _backgroundMin, double _backgroundMax, double _noiseRange, bool _randomBlur=true, double _lambdaMin=0.6, double _lambdaMax=1.5, double _thetaMin=-CV_PI, double _thetaMax=CV_PI, double _phiMin=-CV_PI, double _phiMax=CV_PI)
void operator() (const Mat &image, Point2f pt, Mat &patch, Size patchSize, RNG &rng) const
void operator() (const Mat &image, const Mat &transform, Mat &patch, Size patchSize, RNG &rng) const
void warpWholeImage (const Mat &image, Mat &matT, Mat &buf, CV_OUT Mat &warped, int border, RNG &rng) const
void generateRandomTransform (Point2f srcCenter, Point2f dstCenter, CV_OUT Mat &transform, RNG &rng, bool inverse=false) const
void setAffineParam (double lambda, double theta, double phi)

Public Attributes

double backgroundMin
double backgroundMax
double noiseRange
bool randomBlur
double lambdaMin
double lambdaMax
double thetaMin
double thetaMax
double phiMin
double phiMax

Detailed Description

The Patch Generator class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ PatchGenerator() [1/2]

cv::PatchGenerator::PatchGenerator ( )

§ PatchGenerator() [2/2]

cv::PatchGenerator::PatchGenerator ( double  _backgroundMin,
double  _backgroundMax,
double  _noiseRange,
bool  _randomBlur = true,
double  _lambdaMin = 0.6,
double  _lambdaMax = 1.5,
double  _thetaMin = -CV_PI,
double  _thetaMax = CV_PI,
double  _phiMin = -CV_PI,
double  _phiMax = CV_PI 

Member Function Documentation

§ generateRandomTransform()

void cv::PatchGenerator::generateRandomTransform ( Point2f  srcCenter,
Point2f  dstCenter,
CV_OUT Mat transform,
RNG rng,
bool  inverse = false 
) const

§ operator()() [1/2]

void cv::PatchGenerator::operator() ( const Mat image,
Point2f  pt,
Mat patch,
Size  patchSize,
RNG rng 
) const

§ operator()() [2/2]

void cv::PatchGenerator::operator() ( const Mat image,
const Mat transform,
Mat patch,
Size  patchSize,
RNG rng 
) const

§ setAffineParam()

void cv::PatchGenerator::setAffineParam ( double  lambda,
double  theta,
double  phi 

§ warpWholeImage()

void cv::PatchGenerator::warpWholeImage ( const Mat image,
Mat matT,
Mat buf,
CV_OUT Mat warped,
int  border,
RNG rng 
) const

Member Data Documentation

§ backgroundMax

double cv::PatchGenerator::backgroundMax

§ backgroundMin

double cv::PatchGenerator::backgroundMin

§ lambdaMax

double cv::PatchGenerator::lambdaMax

§ lambdaMin

double cv::PatchGenerator::lambdaMin

§ noiseRange

double cv::PatchGenerator::noiseRange

§ phiMax

double cv::PatchGenerator::phiMax

§ phiMin

double cv::PatchGenerator::phiMin

§ randomBlur

bool cv::PatchGenerator::randomBlur

§ thetaMax

double cv::PatchGenerator::thetaMax

§ thetaMin

double cv::PatchGenerator::thetaMin

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