Open Source Computer Vision
IplImage Struct Reference

#include <types_c.h>

Public Attributes

int nSize
int ID
int nChannels
int alphaChannel
int depth
char colorModel [4]
char channelSeq [4]
int dataOrder
int origin
int align
int width
int height
struct _IplROI * roi
struct _IplImage * maskROI
struct _IplTileInfo * tileInfo
int imageSize
char * imageData
int widthStep
int BorderMode [4]
int BorderConst [4]
char * imageDataOrigin

Member Data Documentation

§ align

int IplImage::align

§ alphaChannel

int IplImage::alphaChannel

§ BorderConst

int IplImage::BorderConst[4]

§ BorderMode

int IplImage::BorderMode[4]

§ channelSeq

char IplImage::channelSeq[4]

§ colorModel

char IplImage::colorModel[4]

§ dataOrder

int IplImage::dataOrder

§ depth

int IplImage::depth

§ height

int IplImage::height

§ ID

int IplImage::ID

§ imageData

char* IplImage::imageData

§ imageDataOrigin

char* IplImage::imageDataOrigin

§ imageId

void* IplImage::imageId

§ imageSize

int IplImage::imageSize

§ maskROI

struct _IplImage* IplImage::maskROI

§ nChannels

int IplImage::nChannels

§ nSize

int IplImage::nSize

§ origin

int IplImage::origin

§ roi

struct _IplROI* IplImage::roi

§ tileInfo

struct _IplTileInfo* IplImage::tileInfo

§ width

int IplImage::width

§ widthStep

int IplImage::widthStep

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