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CvBlobTrackAnalysisHeight Class Referenceabstract

#include <blobtrack.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for CvBlobTrackAnalysisHeight:
CvBlobTrackAnalysis CvVSModule

Public Member Functions

virtual double GetHeight (CvBlob *pB)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from CvBlobTrackAnalysis
 CvBlobTrackAnalysis ()
virtual void AddBlob (CvBlob *pBlob)=0
virtual void Process (IplImage *pImg, IplImage *pFG)=0
virtual float GetState (int BlobID)=0
virtual const char * GetStateDesc (int)
virtual void SetFileName (char *)
virtual void Release ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from CvVSModule
 CvVSModule ()
virtual ~CvVSModule ()
const char * GetParamName (int index)
const char * GetParamComment (const char *name)
double GetParam (const char *name)
const char * GetParamStr (const char *name)
void SetParam (const char *name, double val)
void SetParamStr (const char *name, const char *str)
void TransferParamsFromChild (CvVSModule *pM, const char *prefix=NULL)
void TransferParamsToChild (CvVSModule *pM, char *prefix=NULL)
virtual void ParamUpdate ()
const char * GetTypeName ()
int IsModuleTypeName (const char *name)
char * GetModuleName ()
int IsModuleName (const char *name)
void SetNickName (const char *pStr)
const char * GetNickName ()
virtual void SaveState (CvFileStorage *)
virtual void LoadState (CvFileStorage *, CvFileNode *)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CvVSModule
int IsParam (const char *name)
void AddParam (const char *name, double *pAddr)
void AddParam (const char *name, float *pAddr)
void AddParam (const char *name, int *pAddr)
void AddParam (const char *name, const char **pAddr)
void AddParam (const char *name)
void CommentParam (const char *name, const char *pComment)
void SetTypeName (const char *name)
void SetModuleName (const char *name)
void DelParam (const char *name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CvVSModule
int m_Wnd

Member Function Documentation

§ GetHeight()

virtual double CvBlobTrackAnalysisHeight::GetHeight ( CvBlob pB)
pure virtual

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