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cv::Odometry Class Reference

#include <opencv2/3d/odometry.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Odometry ()
 Odometry (OdometryType otype, const OdometrySettings settings, OdometryAlgoType algtype)
 ~Odometry ()
bool compute (const OdometryFrame &srcFrame, const OdometryFrame &dstFrame, OutputArray Rt)
OdometryFrame createOdometryFrame () const
OdometryFrame createOdometryFrame (OdometryFrameStoreType matType) const
void prepareFrame (OdometryFrame &frame)
void prepareFrames (OdometryFrame &srcFrame, OdometryFrame &dstFrame)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Odometry() [1/2]

cv::Odometry::Odometry ( )

◆ Odometry() [2/2]

cv::Odometry::Odometry ( OdometryType  otype,
const OdometrySettings  settings,
OdometryAlgoType  algtype 

◆ ~Odometry()

cv::Odometry::~Odometry ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ compute()

bool cv::Odometry::compute ( const OdometryFrame srcFrame,
const OdometryFrame dstFrame,
OutputArray  Rt 

Prepare frame for odometry calculation

srcFramesrc frame ("original" image)
dstFramedsr frame ("rotated" image)
RtRigid transformation, which will be calculated, in form: { R_11 R_12 R_13 t_1 R_21 R_22 R_23 t_2 R_31 R_32 R_33 t_3 0 0 0 1 }

◆ createOdometryFrame() [1/2]

OdometryFrame cv::Odometry::createOdometryFrame ( ) const

Create new odometry frame The Type (Mat or UMat) depends on odometry type

◆ createOdometryFrame() [2/2]

OdometryFrame cv::Odometry::createOdometryFrame ( OdometryFrameStoreType  matType) const

◆ prepareFrame()

void cv::Odometry::prepareFrame ( OdometryFrame frame)

Prepare frame for odometry calculation

frameodometry prepare this frame as src frame and dst frame simultaneously

◆ prepareFrames()

void cv::Odometry::prepareFrames ( OdometryFrame srcFrame,
OdometryFrame dstFrame 

Prepare frame for odometry calculation

srcFrameframe will be prepared as src frame ("original" image)
dstFrameframe will be prepared as dsr frame ("rotated" image)

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