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cv::OdometryFrame Class Reference

#include <opencv2/3d/odometry_frame.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 OdometryFrame ()
 OdometryFrame (OdometryFrameStoreType matType)
 ~OdometryFrame ()
void getDepth (OutputArray depth) const
void getGrayImage (OutputArray image) const
void getImage (OutputArray image) const
void getMask (OutputArray mask) const
void getNormals (OutputArray normals) const
void getPyramidAt (OutputArray img, OdometryFramePyramidType pyrType, size_t level) const
size_t getPyramidLevels (OdometryFramePyramidType oftype) const
void getScaledDepth (OutputArray depth) const
void setDepth (InputArray depth)
void setImage (InputArray image)
void setMask (InputArray mask)
void setNormals (InputArray normals)
void setPyramidAt (InputArray img, OdometryFramePyramidType pyrType, size_t level)
void setPyramidLevel (size_t _nLevels, OdometryFramePyramidType oftype)
void setPyramidLevels (size_t _nLevels)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OdometryFrame() [1/2]

cv::OdometryFrame::OdometryFrame ( )

◆ OdometryFrame() [2/2]

cv::OdometryFrame::OdometryFrame ( OdometryFrameStoreType  matType)

◆ ~OdometryFrame()

cv::OdometryFrame::~OdometryFrame ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDepth()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getDepth ( OutputArray  depth) const

◆ getGrayImage()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getGrayImage ( OutputArray  image) const

◆ getImage()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getImage ( OutputArray  image) const

◆ getMask()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getMask ( OutputArray  mask) const

◆ getNormals()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getNormals ( OutputArray  normals) const

◆ getPyramidAt()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getPyramidAt ( OutputArray  img,
OdometryFramePyramidType  pyrType,
size_t  level 
) const

◆ getPyramidLevels()

size_t cv::OdometryFrame::getPyramidLevels ( OdometryFramePyramidType  oftype) const

◆ getScaledDepth()

void cv::OdometryFrame::getScaledDepth ( OutputArray  depth) const

◆ setDepth()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setDepth ( InputArray  depth)

◆ setImage()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setImage ( InputArray  image)

◆ setMask()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setMask ( InputArray  mask)

◆ setNormals()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setNormals ( InputArray  normals)

◆ setPyramidAt()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setPyramidAt ( InputArray  img,
OdometryFramePyramidType  pyrType,
size_t  level 

◆ setPyramidLevel()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setPyramidLevel ( size_t  _nLevels,
OdometryFramePyramidType  oftype 

◆ setPyramidLevels()

void cv::OdometryFrame::setPyramidLevels ( size_t  _nLevels)

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