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cv::detail::PoseGraph Class Referenceabstract

#include <opencv2/3d/detail/optimizer.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~PoseGraph ()
virtual void addEdge (size_t _sourceNodeId, size_t _targetNodeId, const Affine3f &_transformation, const Matx66f &_information=Matx66f::eye())=0
virtual void addNode (size_t _nodeId, const Affine3d &_pose, bool fixed)=0
virtual double calcEnergy () const =0
virtual Ptr< LevMarqBasecreateOptimizer (const LevMarq::Settings &settings)=0
virtual Ptr< LevMarqBasecreateOptimizer ()=0
virtual size_t getEdgeEnd (size_t i) const =0
virtual Matx66f getEdgeInfo (size_t i) const =0
virtual Affine3d getEdgePose (size_t i) const =0
virtual size_t getEdgeStart (size_t i) const =0
virtual Affine3d getNodePose (size_t nodeId) const =0
virtual std::vector< size_t > getNodesIds () const =0
virtual size_t getNumEdges () const =0
virtual size_t getNumNodes () const =0
virtual bool isNodeExist (size_t nodeId) const =0
virtual bool isNodeFixed (size_t nodeId) const =0
virtual bool isValid () const =0
virtual LevMarq::Report optimize ()=0
virtual bool setNodeFixed (size_t nodeId, bool fixed)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< PoseGraphcreate ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~PoseGraph()

virtual cv::detail::PoseGraph::~PoseGraph ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addEdge()

virtual void cv::detail::PoseGraph::addEdge ( size_t  _sourceNodeId,
size_t  _targetNodeId,
const Affine3f _transformation,
const Matx66f _information = Matx66f::eye() 
pure virtual

◆ addNode()

virtual void cv::detail::PoseGraph::addNode ( size_t  _nodeId,
const Affine3d _pose,
bool  fixed 
pure virtual

◆ calcEnergy()

virtual double cv::detail::PoseGraph::calcEnergy ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ create()

static Ptr<PoseGraph> cv::detail::PoseGraph::create ( )

◆ createOptimizer() [1/2]

virtual Ptr<LevMarqBase> cv::detail::PoseGraph::createOptimizer ( const LevMarq::Settings settings)
pure virtual

◆ createOptimizer() [2/2]

virtual Ptr<LevMarqBase> cv::detail::PoseGraph::createOptimizer ( )
pure virtual

◆ getEdgeEnd()

virtual size_t cv::detail::PoseGraph::getEdgeEnd ( size_t  i) const
pure virtual

◆ getEdgeInfo()

virtual Matx66f cv::detail::PoseGraph::getEdgeInfo ( size_t  i) const
pure virtual

◆ getEdgePose()

virtual Affine3d cv::detail::PoseGraph::getEdgePose ( size_t  i) const
pure virtual

◆ getEdgeStart()

virtual size_t cv::detail::PoseGraph::getEdgeStart ( size_t  i) const
pure virtual

◆ getNodePose()

virtual Affine3d cv::detail::PoseGraph::getNodePose ( size_t  nodeId) const
pure virtual

◆ getNodesIds()

virtual std::vector<size_t> cv::detail::PoseGraph::getNodesIds ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ getNumEdges()

virtual size_t cv::detail::PoseGraph::getNumEdges ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ getNumNodes()

virtual size_t cv::detail::PoseGraph::getNumNodes ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ isNodeExist()

virtual bool cv::detail::PoseGraph::isNodeExist ( size_t  nodeId) const
pure virtual

◆ isNodeFixed()

virtual bool cv::detail::PoseGraph::isNodeFixed ( size_t  nodeId) const
pure virtual

◆ isValid()

virtual bool cv::detail::PoseGraph::isValid ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ optimize()

virtual LevMarq::Report cv::detail::PoseGraph::optimize ( )
pure virtual

◆ setNodeFixed()

virtual bool cv::detail::PoseGraph::setNodeFixed ( size_t  nodeId,
bool  fixed 
pure virtual

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