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cv::GlCamera Class Reference

OpenGL camera. More...

#include <opengl_interop_deprecated.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 GlCamera ()
void lookAt (Point3d eye, Point3d center, Point3d up)
void setCameraPos (Point3d pos, double yaw, double pitch, double roll)
void setScale (Point3d scale)
void setProjectionMatrix (const Mat &projectionMatrix, bool transpose=true)
void setPerspectiveProjection (double fov, double aspect, double zNear, double zFar)
void setOrthoProjection (double left, double right, double bottom, double top, double zNear, double zFar)
void setupProjectionMatrix () const
void setupModelViewMatrix () const

Detailed Description

OpenGL camera.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ GlCamera()

cv::GlCamera::GlCamera ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ lookAt()

void cv::GlCamera::lookAt ( Point3d  eye,
Point3d  center,
Point3d  up 

§ setCameraPos()

void cv::GlCamera::setCameraPos ( Point3d  pos,
double  yaw,
double  pitch,
double  roll 

§ setOrthoProjection()

void cv::GlCamera::setOrthoProjection ( double  left,
double  right,
double  bottom,
double  top,
double  zNear,
double  zFar 

§ setPerspectiveProjection()

void cv::GlCamera::setPerspectiveProjection ( double  fov,
double  aspect,
double  zNear,
double  zFar 

§ setProjectionMatrix()

void cv::GlCamera::setProjectionMatrix ( const Mat projectionMatrix,
bool  transpose = true 

§ setScale()

void cv::GlCamera::setScale ( Point3d  scale)

§ setupModelViewMatrix()

void cv::GlCamera::setupModelViewMatrix ( ) const

§ setupProjectionMatrix()

void cv::GlCamera::setupProjectionMatrix ( ) const

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