Open Source Computer Vision
cv::GlCamera Member List

This is the complete list of members for cv::GlCamera, including all inherited members.

lookAt(Point3d eye, Point3d center, Point3d up)cv::GlCamera
setCameraPos(Point3d pos, double yaw, double pitch, double roll)cv::GlCamera
setOrthoProjection(double left, double right, double bottom, double top, double zNear, double zFar)cv::GlCamera
setPerspectiveProjection(double fov, double aspect, double zNear, double zFar)cv::GlCamera
setProjectionMatrix(const Mat &projectionMatrix, bool transpose=true)cv::GlCamera
setScale(Point3d scale)cv::GlCamera
setupModelViewMatrix() constcv::GlCamera
setupProjectionMatrix() constcv::GlCamera