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cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow Class Reference

#include <gpu.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 BroxOpticalFlow (float alpha_, float gamma_, float scale_factor_, int inner_iterations_, int outer_iterations_, int solver_iterations_)
void operator() (const GpuMat &frame0, const GpuMat &frame1, GpuMat &u, GpuMat &v, Stream &stream=Stream::Null())

Public Attributes

float alpha
 flow smoothness More...
float gamma
 gradient constancy importance More...
float scale_factor
 pyramid scale factor More...
int inner_iterations
 number of lagged non-linearity iterations (inner loop) More...
int outer_iterations
 number of warping iterations (number of pyramid levels) More...
int solver_iterations
 number of linear system solver iterations More...
GpuMat buf

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ BroxOpticalFlow()

cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::BroxOpticalFlow ( float  alpha_,
float  gamma_,
float  scale_factor_,
int  inner_iterations_,
int  outer_iterations_,
int  solver_iterations_ 

Member Function Documentation

§ operator()()

void cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::operator() ( const GpuMat frame0,
const GpuMat frame1,
GpuMat u,
GpuMat v,
Stream stream = Stream::Null() 

Compute optical flow frame0 - source frame (supports only CV_32FC1 type) frame1 - frame to track (with the same size and type as frame0) u - flow horizontal component (along x axis) v - flow vertical component (along y axis)

Member Data Documentation

§ alpha

float cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::alpha

flow smoothness

§ buf

GpuMat cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::buf

§ gamma

float cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::gamma

gradient constancy importance

§ inner_iterations

int cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::inner_iterations

number of lagged non-linearity iterations (inner loop)

§ outer_iterations

int cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::outer_iterations

number of warping iterations (number of pyramid levels)

§ scale_factor

float cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::scale_factor

pyramid scale factor

§ solver_iterations

int cv::gpu::BroxOpticalFlow::solver_iterations

number of linear system solver iterations

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