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cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation Class Reference

#include <ocl.hpp>

Public Types

enum  { DEFAULT_NDISP = 64 }
enum  { DEFAULT_ITERS = 5 }
enum  { DEFAULT_LEVELS = 5 }

Public Member Functions

 StereoBeliefPropagation (int ndisp=DEFAULT_NDISP, int iters=DEFAULT_ITERS, int levels=DEFAULT_LEVELS, int msg_type=CV_16S)
 StereoBeliefPropagation (int ndisp, int iters, int levels, float max_data_term, float data_weight, float max_disc_term, float disc_single_jump, int msg_type=CV_32F)
void operator() (const oclMat &left, const oclMat &right, oclMat &disparity)
void operator() (const oclMat &data, oclMat &disparity)

Static Public Member Functions

static void estimateRecommendedParams (int width, int height, int &ndisp, int &iters, int &levels)

Public Attributes

int ndisp
int iters
int levels
float max_data_term
float data_weight
float max_disc_term
float disc_single_jump
int msg_type

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ StereoBeliefPropagation() [1/2]

cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::StereoBeliefPropagation ( int  ndisp = DEFAULT_NDISP,
int  iters = DEFAULT_ITERS,
int  levels = DEFAULT_LEVELS,
int  msg_type = CV_16S 

§ StereoBeliefPropagation() [2/2]

cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::StereoBeliefPropagation ( int  ndisp,
int  iters,
int  levels,
float  max_data_term,
float  data_weight,
float  max_disc_term,
float  disc_single_jump,
int  msg_type = CV_32F 

Member Function Documentation

§ estimateRecommendedParams()

static void cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::estimateRecommendedParams ( int  width,
int  height,
int ndisp,
int iters,
int levels 

§ operator()() [1/2]

void cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::operator() ( const oclMat left,
const oclMat right,
oclMat disparity 

§ operator()() [2/2]

void cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::operator() ( const oclMat data,
oclMat disparity 

Member Data Documentation

§ data_weight

float cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::data_weight

§ disc_single_jump

float cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::disc_single_jump

§ iters

int cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::iters

§ levels

int cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::levels

§ max_data_term

float cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::max_data_term

§ max_disc_term

float cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::max_disc_term

§ msg_type

int cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::msg_type

§ ndisp

int cv::ocl::StereoBeliefPropagation::ndisp

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