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cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP Class Reference

#include <gpu.hpp>

Public Types

enum  { DEFAULT_NDISP = 128 }
enum  { DEFAULT_ITERS = 8 }
enum  { DEFAULT_LEVELS = 4 }
enum  { DEFAULT_NR_PLANE = 4 }

Public Member Functions

 StereoConstantSpaceBP (int ndisp=DEFAULT_NDISP, int iters=DEFAULT_ITERS, int levels=DEFAULT_LEVELS, int nr_plane=DEFAULT_NR_PLANE, int msg_type=CV_32F)
 the default constructor More...
 StereoConstantSpaceBP (int ndisp, int iters, int levels, int nr_plane, float max_data_term, float data_weight, float max_disc_term, float disc_single_jump, int min_disp_th=0, int msg_type=CV_32F)
void operator() (const GpuMat &left, const GpuMat &right, GpuMat &disparity, Stream &stream=Stream::Null())

Static Public Member Functions

static void estimateRecommendedParams (int width, int height, int &ndisp, int &iters, int &levels, int &nr_plane)

Public Attributes

int ndisp
int iters
int levels
int nr_plane
float max_data_term
float data_weight
float max_disc_term
float disc_single_jump
int min_disp_th
int msg_type
bool use_local_init_data_cost

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ StereoConstantSpaceBP() [1/2]

cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::StereoConstantSpaceBP ( int  ndisp = DEFAULT_NDISP,
int  iters = DEFAULT_ITERS,
int  levels = DEFAULT_LEVELS,
int  nr_plane = DEFAULT_NR_PLANE,
int  msg_type = CV_32F 

the default constructor

§ StereoConstantSpaceBP() [2/2]

cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::StereoConstantSpaceBP ( int  ndisp,
int  iters,
int  levels,
int  nr_plane,
float  max_data_term,
float  data_weight,
float  max_disc_term,
float  disc_single_jump,
int  min_disp_th = 0,
int  msg_type = CV_32F 

the full constructor taking the number of disparities, number of BP iterations on each level, number of levels, number of active disparity on the first level, truncation of data cost, data weight, truncation of discontinuity cost, discontinuity single jump and minimum disparity threshold

Member Function Documentation

§ estimateRecommendedParams()

static void cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::estimateRecommendedParams ( int  width,
int  height,
int ndisp,
int iters,
int levels,
int nr_plane 

§ operator()()

void cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::operator() ( const GpuMat left,
const GpuMat right,
GpuMat disparity,
Stream stream = Stream::Null() 

the stereo correspondence operator. Finds the disparity for the specified rectified stereo pair, if disparity is empty output type will be CV_16S else output type will be disparity.type().

Member Data Documentation

§ data_weight

float cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::data_weight

§ disc_single_jump

float cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::disc_single_jump

§ iters

int cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::iters

§ levels

int cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::levels

§ max_data_term

float cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::max_data_term

§ max_disc_term

float cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::max_disc_term

§ min_disp_th

int cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::min_disp_th

§ msg_type

int cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::msg_type

§ ndisp

int cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::ndisp

§ nr_plane

int cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::nr_plane

§ use_local_init_data_cost

bool cv::gpu::StereoConstantSpaceBP::use_local_init_data_cost

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