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cv::detail::RotationWarper Class Referenceabstract

#include <warpers.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::detail::RotationWarper:
cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< P > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< CompressedRectilinearPortraitProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< CompressedRectilinearProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< CylindricalPortraitProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< CylindricalProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< FisheyeProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< MercatorProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< PaniniPortraitProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< PaniniProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< PlanePortraitProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< PlaneProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< SphericalPortraitProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< SphericalProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< StereographicProjector > cv::detail::RotationWarperBase< TransverseMercatorProjector >

Public Member Functions

virtual ~RotationWarper ()
virtual Point2f warpPoint (const Point2f &pt, const Mat &K, const Mat &R)=0
virtual Rect buildMaps (Size src_size, const Mat &K, const Mat &R, Mat &xmap, Mat &ymap)=0
virtual Point warp (const Mat &src, const Mat &K, const Mat &R, int interp_mode, int border_mode, Mat &dst)=0
virtual void warpBackward (const Mat &src, const Mat &K, const Mat &R, int interp_mode, int border_mode, Size dst_size, Mat &dst)=0
virtual Rect warpRoi (Size src_size, const Mat &K, const Mat &R)=0
float getScale () const
void setScale (float)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ ~RotationWarper()

virtual cv::detail::RotationWarper::~RotationWarper ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ buildMaps()

§ getScale()

float cv::detail::RotationWarper::getScale ( ) const

§ setScale()

void cv::detail::RotationWarper::setScale ( float  )

§ warp()

§ warpBackward()

§ warpPoint()

§ warpRoi()

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