Open Source Computer Vision
cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow Class Reference

#include <ocl.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 PyrLKOpticalFlow ()
void sparse (const oclMat &prevImg, const oclMat &nextImg, const oclMat &prevPts, oclMat &nextPts, oclMat &status, oclMat *err=0)
void dense (const oclMat &prevImg, const oclMat &nextImg, oclMat &u, oclMat &v, oclMat *err=0)
void releaseMemory ()

Public Attributes

Size winSize
int maxLevel
int iters
double derivLambda
bool useInitialFlow
float minEigThreshold
bool getMinEigenVals

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ PyrLKOpticalFlow()

cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::PyrLKOpticalFlow ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ dense()

void cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::dense ( const oclMat prevImg,
const oclMat nextImg,
oclMat u,
oclMat v,
oclMat err = 0 

§ releaseMemory()

void cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::releaseMemory ( )

§ sparse()

void cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::sparse ( const oclMat prevImg,
const oclMat nextImg,
const oclMat prevPts,
oclMat nextPts,
oclMat status,
oclMat err = 0 

Member Data Documentation

§ derivLambda

double cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::derivLambda

§ getMinEigenVals

bool cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::getMinEigenVals

§ iters

int cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::iters

§ maxLevel

int cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::maxLevel

§ minEigThreshold

float cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::minEigThreshold

§ useInitialFlow

bool cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::useInitialFlow

§ winSize

Size cv::ocl::PyrLKOpticalFlow::winSize

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