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cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer Class Reference

#include <stabilizer.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer:
cv::videostab::StabilizerBase cv::videostab::IFrameSource

Public Member Functions

 OnePassStabilizer ()
void setMotionFilter (Ptr< MotionFilterBase > val)
Ptr< MotionFilterBasemotionFilter () const
virtual void reset ()
virtual Mat nextFrame ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::videostab::StabilizerBase
virtual ~StabilizerBase ()
void setLog (Ptr< ILog > _log)
Ptr< ILoglog () const
void setRadius (int val)
int radius () const
void setFrameSource (Ptr< IFrameSource > val)
Ptr< IFrameSourceframeSource () const
void setMotionEstimator (Ptr< IGlobalMotionEstimator > val)
Ptr< IGlobalMotionEstimatormotionEstimator () const
void setDeblurer (Ptr< DeblurerBase > val)
Ptr< DeblurerBasedeblurrer () const
void setTrimRatio (float val)
float trimRatio () const
void setCorrectionForInclusion (bool val)
bool doCorrectionForInclusion () const
void setBorderMode (int val)
int borderMode () const
void setInpainter (Ptr< InpainterBase > val)
Ptr< InpainterBaseinpainter () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::videostab::IFrameSource
virtual ~IFrameSource ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::videostab::StabilizerBase
 StabilizerBase ()
void setUp (int cacheSize, const Mat &frame)
Mat nextStabilizedFrame ()
bool doOneIteration ()
void stabilizeFrame (const Mat &stabilizationMotion)
- Protected Attributes inherited from cv::videostab::StabilizerBase
Ptr< ILoglog_
Ptr< IFrameSourceframeSource_
Ptr< IGlobalMotionEstimatormotionEstimator_
Ptr< DeblurerBasedeblurer_
Ptr< InpainterBaseinpainter_
int radius_
float trimRatio_
bool doCorrectionForInclusion_
int borderMode_
Size frameSize_
Mat frameMask_
int curPos_
int curStabilizedPos_
bool doDeblurring_
Mat preProcessedFrame_
bool doInpainting_
Mat inpaintingMask_
std::vector< Matframes_
std::vector< Matmotions_
std::vector< float > blurrinessRates_
std::vector< MatstabilizedFrames_
std::vector< MatstabilizedMasks_
std::vector< MatstabilizationMotions_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ OnePassStabilizer()

cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer::OnePassStabilizer ( )

Member Function Documentation

§ motionFilter()

Ptr<MotionFilterBase> cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer::motionFilter ( ) const

§ nextFrame()

virtual Mat cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer::nextFrame ( )

§ reset()

virtual void cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer::reset ( )

§ setMotionFilter()

void cv::videostab::OnePassStabilizer::setMotionFilter ( Ptr< MotionFilterBase val)

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