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cv::ocl::MOG Class Reference

#include <ocl.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::ocl::MOG:

Public Member Functions

 MOG (int nmixtures=-1)
 the default constructor More...
void initialize (Size frameSize, int frameType)
 re-initiaization method More...
void operator() (const oclMat &frame, oclMat &fgmask, float learningRate=0.f)
 the update operator More...
void getBackgroundImage (oclMat &backgroundImage) const
 computes a background image which are the mean of all background gaussians More...
void release ()
 releases all inner buffers More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::ocl::BackgroundSubtractor
virtual ~BackgroundSubtractor ()
 the virtual destructor More...

Public Attributes

int history
float varThreshold
float backgroundRatio
float noiseSigma

Detailed Description

Gaussian Mixture-based Backbround/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm

The class implements the following algorithm: "An improved adaptive background mixture model for real-time tracking with shadow detection" P. KadewTraKuPong and R. Bowden, Proc. 2nd European Workshp on Advanced Video-Based Surveillance Systems, 2001."

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ MOG()

cv::ocl::MOG::MOG ( int  nmixtures = -1)

the default constructor

Member Function Documentation

§ getBackgroundImage()

void cv::ocl::MOG::getBackgroundImage ( oclMat backgroundImage) const

computes a background image which are the mean of all background gaussians

Implements cv::ocl::BackgroundSubtractor.

§ initialize()

void cv::ocl::MOG::initialize ( Size  frameSize,
int  frameType 

re-initiaization method

§ operator()()

void cv::ocl::MOG::operator() ( const oclMat frame,
oclMat fgmask,
float  learningRate = 0.f 

the update operator

Reimplemented from cv::ocl::BackgroundSubtractor.

§ release()

void cv::ocl::MOG::release ( )

releases all inner buffers

Member Data Documentation

§ backgroundRatio

float cv::ocl::MOG::backgroundRatio

§ history

int cv::ocl::MOG::history

§ noiseSigma

float cv::ocl::MOG::noiseSigma

§ varThreshold

float cv::ocl::MOG::varThreshold

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