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cv::FastFeatureDetector Class Referenceabstract

Wrapping class for feature detection using the FAST method. More...

#include <opencv2/features2d.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::FastFeatureDetector:
cv::Feature2D cv::Algorithm

Public Types

enum  {
  THRESHOLD = 10000,
  FAST_N =10002
enum  DetectorType {
  TYPE_5_8 = 0,
  TYPE_7_12 = 1,
  TYPE_9_16 = 2

Public Member Functions

virtual String getDefaultName () const CV_OVERRIDE
virtual bool getNonmaxSuppression () const =0
virtual int getThreshold () const =0
virtual FastFeatureDetector::DetectorType getType () const =0
virtual void setNonmaxSuppression (bool f)=0
virtual void setThreshold (int threshold)=0
virtual void setType (FastFeatureDetector::DetectorType type)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Feature2D
virtual ~Feature2D ()
virtual void compute (InputArray image, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, OutputArray descriptors)
 Computes the descriptors for a set of keypoints detected in an image (first variant) or image set (second variant). More...
virtual void compute (InputArrayOfArrays images, std::vector< std::vector< KeyPoint > > &keypoints, OutputArrayOfArrays descriptors)
virtual int defaultNorm () const
virtual int descriptorSize () const
virtual int descriptorType () const
virtual void detect (InputArray image, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, InputArray mask=noArray())
 Detects keypoints in an image (first variant) or image set (second variant). More...
virtual void detect (InputArrayOfArrays images, std::vector< std::vector< KeyPoint > > &keypoints, InputArrayOfArrays masks=noArray())
virtual void detectAndCompute (InputArray image, InputArray mask, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, OutputArray descriptors, bool useProvidedKeypoints=false)
virtual bool empty () const CV_OVERRIDE
 Return true if detector object is empty. More...
void read (const String &fileName)
virtual void read (const FileNode &) CV_OVERRIDE
 Reads algorithm parameters from a file storage. More...
void write (const String &fileName) const
virtual void write (FileStorage &) const CV_OVERRIDE
 Stores algorithm parameters in a file storage. More...
void write (const Ptr< FileStorage > &fs, const String &name=String()) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
virtual ~Algorithm ()
virtual void clear ()
 Clears the algorithm state. More...
virtual void save (const String &filename) const
void write (const Ptr< FileStorage > &fs, const String &name=String()) const
 simplified API for language bindings This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< FastFeatureDetectorcreate (int threshold=10, bool nonmaxSuppression=true, FastFeatureDetector::DetectorType type=FastFeatureDetector::TYPE_9_16)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > load (const String &filename, const String &objname=String())
 Loads algorithm from the file. More...
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > loadFromString (const String &strModel, const String &objname=String())
 Loads algorithm from a String. More...
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > read (const FileNode &fn)
 Reads algorithm from the file node. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
void writeFormat (FileStorage &fs) const

Detailed Description

Wrapping class for feature detection using the FAST method.

Check the corresponding tutorial for more details.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

◆ DetectorType


Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static Ptr<FastFeatureDetector> cv::FastFeatureDetector::create ( int  threshold = 10,
bool  nonmaxSuppression = true,
FastFeatureDetector::DetectorType  type = FastFeatureDetector::TYPE_9_16 
cv.FastFeatureDetector.create([, threshold=10, nonmaxSuppression=true, type=FastFeatureDetector::TYPE_9_16]) -> retval
cv.FastFeatureDetector_create([, threshold=10, nonmaxSuppression=true, type=FastFeatureDetector::TYPE_9_16]) -> retval

◆ getDefaultName()

virtual String cv::FastFeatureDetector::getDefaultName ( ) const
cv.FastFeatureDetector.getDefaultName([, ]) -> retval

Returns the algorithm string identifier. This string is used as top level xml/yml node tag when the object is saved to a file or string.

Reimplemented from cv::Feature2D.

◆ getNonmaxSuppression()

virtual bool cv::FastFeatureDetector::getNonmaxSuppression ( ) const
pure virtual
cv.FastFeatureDetector.getNonmaxSuppression([, ]) -> retval

◆ getThreshold()

virtual int cv::FastFeatureDetector::getThreshold ( ) const
pure virtual
cv.FastFeatureDetector.getThreshold([, ]) -> retval

◆ getType()

virtual FastFeatureDetector::DetectorType cv::FastFeatureDetector::getType ( ) const
pure virtual
cv.FastFeatureDetector.getType([, ]) -> retval

◆ setNonmaxSuppression()

virtual void cv::FastFeatureDetector::setNonmaxSuppression ( bool  f)
pure virtual
cv.FastFeatureDetector.setNonmaxSuppression(f[, ]) -> None

◆ setThreshold()

virtual void cv::FastFeatureDetector::setThreshold ( int  threshold)
pure virtual
cv.FastFeatureDetector.setThreshold(threshold[, ]) -> None

◆ setType()

virtual void cv::FastFeatureDetector::setType ( FastFeatureDetector::DetectorType  type)
pure virtual
cv.FastFeatureDetector.setType(type[, ]) -> None

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