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cv::CirclesGridFinderParameters Struct Reference

#include <opencv2/calib.hpp>

Public Types

enum  GridType {

Public Member Functions

 CirclesGridFinderParameters ()

Public Attributes

float convexHullFactor
cv::Size2f densityNeighborhoodSize
float edgeGain
float edgePenalty
float existingVertexGain
GridType gridType
int keypointScale
int kmeansAttempts
float maxRectifiedDistance
 Max deviation from prediction. Used by CALIB_CB_CLUSTERING. More...
float minDensity
int minDistanceToAddKeypoint
float minGraphConfidence
float minRNGEdgeSwitchDist
float squareSize
 Distance between two adjacent points. Used by CALIB_CB_CLUSTERING. More...
float vertexGain
float vertexPenalty

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