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cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual Class Reference

the Spectral Residual approach from [127] More...

#include <opencv2/saliency/saliencySpecializedClasses.hpp>

Collaboration diagram for cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual:

Public Member Functions

 StaticSaliencySpectralResidual ()
virtual ~StaticSaliencySpectralResidual ()
bool computeSaliency (InputArray image, OutputArray saliencyMap)
int getImageHeight () const
int getImageWidth () const
void read (const FileNode &fn) CV_OVERRIDE
 Reads algorithm parameters from a file storage.
void setImageHeight (int val)
void setImageWidth (int val)
void write (FileStorage &fs) const CV_OVERRIDE
 Stores algorithm parameters in a file storage.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::saliency::StaticSaliency
bool computeBinaryMap (InputArray _saliencyMap, OutputArray _binaryMap)
 This function perform a binary map of given saliency map. This is obtained in this way:
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::saliency::Saliency
virtual ~Saliency ()
bool computeSaliency (InputArray image, OutputArray saliencyMap)
 Compute the saliency.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
virtual ~Algorithm ()
virtual void clear ()
 Clears the algorithm state.
virtual bool empty () const
 Returns true if the Algorithm is empty (e.g. in the very beginning or after unsuccessful read.
virtual String getDefaultName () const
virtual void save (const String &filename) const
void write (const Ptr< FileStorage > &fs, const String &name=String()) const
void write (FileStorage &fs, const String &name) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< StaticSaliencySpectralResidualcreate ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tpload (const String &filename, const String &objname=String())
 Loads algorithm from the file.
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _TploadFromString (const String &strModel, const String &objname=String())
 Loads algorithm from a String.
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tpread (const FileNode &fn)
 Reads algorithm from the file node.

Protected Member Functions

bool computeSaliencyImpl (InputArray image, OutputArray saliencyMap) CV_OVERRIDE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
void writeFormat (FileStorage &fs) const

Protected Attributes

int resImHeight
int resImWidth
- Protected Attributes inherited from cv::saliency::Saliency
String className

Detailed Description

the Spectral Residual approach from [127]

Starting from the principle of natural image statistics, this method simulate the behavior of pre-attentive visual search. The algorithm analyze the log spectrum of each image and obtain the spectral residual. Then transform the spectral residual to spatial domain to obtain the saliency map, which suggests the positions of proto-objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StaticSaliencySpectralResidual()

cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual ( )

◆ ~StaticSaliencySpectralResidual()

virtual cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::~StaticSaliencySpectralResidual ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeSaliency()

bool cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::computeSaliency ( InputArray  image,
OutputArray  saliencyMap 
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual.computeSaliency(image[, saliencyMap]) -> retval, saliencyMap
Here is the call graph for this function:

◆ computeSaliencyImpl()

bool cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::computeSaliencyImpl ( InputArray  image,
OutputArray  saliencyMap 

◆ create()

static Ptr< StaticSaliencySpectralResidual > cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::create ( )
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual.create() -> retval
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual_create() -> retval

◆ getImageHeight()

int cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::getImageHeight ( ) const
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual.getImageHeight() -> retval

◆ getImageWidth()

int cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::getImageWidth ( ) const
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual.getImageWidth() -> retval

◆ read()

void cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::read ( const FileNode fn)
Python: -> None

Reads algorithm parameters from a file storage.

Reimplemented from cv::Algorithm.

◆ setImageHeight()

void cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::setImageHeight ( int  val)
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual.setImageHeight(val) -> None

◆ setImageWidth()

void cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::setImageWidth ( int  val)
cv.saliency.StaticSaliencySpectralResidual.setImageWidth(val) -> None

◆ write()

void cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::write ( FileStorage fs) const

Stores algorithm parameters in a file storage.

Reimplemented from cv::Algorithm.

Member Data Documentation

◆ resImHeight

int cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::resImHeight

◆ resImWidth

int cv::saliency::StaticSaliencySpectralResidual::resImWidth

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