OpenCV  4.7.0-dev
Open Source Computer Vision
cv::saliency Namespace Reference


class  MotionSaliency
class  MotionSaliencyBinWangApr2014
 the Fast Self-tuning Background Subtraction Algorithm from [273] More...
class  Objectness
class  ObjectnessBING
 Objectness algorithms based on [3] [3] Cheng, Ming-Ming, et al. "BING: Binarized normed gradients for objectness estimation at 300fps." IEEE CVPR. 2014. More...
class  Saliency
class  StaticSaliency
class  StaticSaliencyFineGrained
 the Fine Grained Saliency approach from [182] More...
class  StaticSaliencySpectralResidual
 the Spectral Residual approach from [116] More...