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cv::gapi::wip::draw::Mosaic Struct Reference

This structure represents a mosaicing operation. More...

#include <opencv2/gapi/render/render_types.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Mosaic (const cv::Rect &mos_, int cellSz_, int decim_)
 Mosaic constructor. More...
GAPI_WRAP Mosaic ()

Public Attributes

GAPI_PROP_RW cv::Rect mos
 Coordinates of the mosaic. More...
GAPI_PROP_RW int cellSz
 Cell size (same for X, Y) More...
GAPI_PROP_RW int decim
 Decimation (0 stands for no decimation) More...

Detailed Description

This structure represents a mosaicing operation.

Mosaicing is a very basic method to obfuscate regions in the image.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Mosaic() [1/2]

cv::gapi::wip::draw::Mosaic::Mosaic ( const cv::Rect mos_,
int  cellSz_,
int  decim_ 

Mosaic constructor.

mos_Coordinates of the mosaic
cellSz_Cell size (same for X, Y)
decim_Decimation (0 stands for no decimation)

◆ Mosaic() [2/2]

GAPI_WRAP cv::gapi::wip::draw::Mosaic::Mosaic ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ cellSz

GAPI_PROP_RW int cv::gapi::wip::draw::Mosaic::cellSz

Cell size (same for X, Y)

◆ decim

GAPI_PROP_RW int cv::gapi::wip::draw::Mosaic::decim

Decimation (0 stands for no decimation)

◆ mos

GAPI_PROP_RW cv::Rect cv::gapi::wip::draw::Mosaic::mos

Coordinates of the mosaic.

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