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G-API Data Types

G-API data objects used to build G-API expressions. More...


 G-API Metadata Descriptors


class  cv::GArray< T >
class  cv::GFrame
class  cv::GMat
class  cv::GMatP
class  cv::GOpaque< T >
class  cv::GScalar


using cv::GArrayP2f = GArray< cv::Point2f >

Detailed Description

G-API data objects used to build G-API expressions.

These objects do not own any particular data (except compile-time associated values like with cv::GScalar) and are used to construct graphs.

Every graph in G-API starts and ends with data objects.

Once constructed and compiled, G-API operates with regular host-side data instead. Refer to the below table to find the mapping between G-API and regular data types.

G-API data type I/O data type
cv::GMat cv::Mat
cv::GScalar cv::Scalar
cv::GArray<T> std::vector<T>
cv::GOpaque<T> T

Typedef Documentation

◆ GArrayP2f

using cv::GArrayP2f = typedef GArray<cv::Point2f>