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cv::dnn::PoolingLayer Class Reference

#include "all_layers.hpp"

Inheritance diagram for cv::dnn::PoolingLayer:

Public Types

enum  Type {

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< PoolingLayercreate (int type=PoolingLayer::MAX, Size kernel=Size(2, 2), Size stride=Size(1, 1), Size pad=Size(0, 0), const cv::String &padMode="")
static Ptr< PoolingLayercreateGlobal (int type=PoolingLayer::MAX)

Public Attributes

bool globalPooling
Size kernel
Size pad
String padMode
Size stride
int type
- Public Attributes inherited from cv::dnn::Layer
std::vector< Blobblobs
 List of learned parameters must be stored here to allow read them by using Net::getParam(). More...
String name
 Name of the layer instance, can be used for logging or other internal purposes. More...
String type
 Type name which was used for creating layer by layer factory. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::dnn::Layer
 Layer ()
 Layer (const LayerParams &params)
 Initializes only name, type and blobs fields. More...
virtual ~Layer ()
virtual void allocate (const std::vector< Blob *> &input, std::vector< Blob > &output)=0
 Allocates internal buffers and output blobs with respect to the shape of inputs. More...
void allocate (const std::vector< Blob > &inputs, std::vector< Blob > &outputs)
std::vector< Bloballocate (const std::vector< Blob > &inputs)
virtual void forward (std::vector< Blob *> &input, std::vector< Blob > &output)=0
 Given the input blobs, computes the output blobs. More...
void forward (const std::vector< Blob > &inputs, std::vector< Blob > &outputs)
virtual int inputNameToIndex (String inputName)
 Returns index of input blob into the input array. More...
virtual int outputNameToIndex (String outputName)
 Returns index of output blob in output array. More...
void run (const std::vector< Blob > &inputs, std::vector< Blob > &outputs)
 Allocates layer and computes output. More...
void setParamsFrom (const LayerParams &params)
 Initializes only name, type and blobs fields. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ Type


Member Function Documentation

§ create()

static Ptr<PoolingLayer> cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::create ( int  type = PoolingLayer::MAX,
Size  kernel = Size(2, 2),
Size  stride = Size(1, 1),
Size  pad = Size(0, 0),
const cv::String padMode = "" 

§ createGlobal()

static Ptr<PoolingLayer> cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::createGlobal ( int  type = PoolingLayer::MAX)

Member Data Documentation

§ globalPooling

bool cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::globalPooling

§ kernel

Size cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::kernel

§ pad

Size cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::pad

§ padMode

String cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::padMode

§ stride

Size cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::stride

§ type

int cv::dnn::PoolingLayer::type

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