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Biologically inspired vision models and derivated tools


class  cv::bioinspired::Retina
 class which allows the Gipsa/Listic Labs model to be used with OpenCV. More...
class  cv::bioinspired::RetinaFastToneMapping
 a wrapper class which allows the tone mapping algorithm of Meylan&al(2007) to be used with OpenCV. More...
class  cv::bioinspired::TransientAreasSegmentationModule
 class which provides a transient/moving areas segmentation module More...


enum  {


Ptr< RetinaFastToneMapping > createRetinaFastToneMapping (Size inputSize)
< TransientAreasSegmentationModule > 
createTransientAreasSegmentationModule (Size inputSize)
 allocator More...
Ptr< Retina > createRetina (Size inputSize)
Ptr< Retina > createRetina (Size inputSize, const bool colorMode, int colorSamplingMethod=RETINA_COLOR_BAYER, const bool useRetinaLogSampling=false, const double reductionFactor=1.0, const double samplingStrenght=10.0)
 Constructors from standardized interfaces : retreive a smart pointer to a Retina instance. More...

Detailed Description

The module provides biological visual systems models (human visual system and others). It also provides derivated objects that take advantage of those bio-inspired models.

Bioinspired Module Retina Introduction

Enumeration Type Documentation

anonymous enum

each pixel position is either R, G or B in a random choice


color sampling is RGBRGBRGB..., line 2 BRGBRGBRG..., line 3, GBRGBRGBR...


standard bayer sampling

Function Documentation

Ptr< Retina > createRetina ( Size  inputSize)

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts.

Ptr< Retina > createRetina ( Size  inputSize,
const bool  colorMode,
int  colorSamplingMethod = RETINA_COLOR_BAYER,
const bool  useRetinaLogSampling = false,
const double  reductionFactor = 1.0,
const double  samplingStrenght = 10.0 

Constructors from standardized interfaces : retreive a smart pointer to a Retina instance.

inputSizethe input frame size
colorModethe chosen processing mode : with or without color processing
colorSamplingMethodspecifies which kind of color sampling will be used :
useRetinaLogSamplingactivate retina log sampling, if true, the 2 following parameters can be used
reductionFactoronly usefull if param useRetinaLogSampling=true, specifies the reduction factor of the output frame (as the center (fovea) is high resolution and corners can be underscaled, then a reduction of the output is allowed without precision leak
samplingStrenghtonly usefull if param useRetinaLogSampling=true, specifies the strenght of the log scale that is applied
Ptr< RetinaFastToneMapping > createRetinaFastToneMapping ( Size  inputSize)
Ptr< TransientAreasSegmentationModule > createTransientAreasSegmentationModule ( Size  inputSize)


inputSize: size of the images input to segment (output will be the same size)