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cv::gpu::FAST_GPU Class Reference

#include <gpu.hpp>

Public Types


Public Member Functions

 FAST_GPU (int threshold, bool nonmaxSuppression=true, double keypointsRatio=0.05)
void operator() (const GpuMat &image, const GpuMat &mask, GpuMat &keypoints)
void operator() (const GpuMat &image, const GpuMat &mask, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints)
void downloadKeypoints (const GpuMat &d_keypoints, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints)
 download keypoints from device to host memory More...
void convertKeypoints (const Mat &h_keypoints, std::vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints)
 convert keypoints to KeyPoint vector More...
void release ()
 release temporary buffer's memory More...
int calcKeyPointsLocation (const GpuMat &image, const GpuMat &mask)
int getKeyPoints (GpuMat &keypoints)

Public Attributes

bool nonmaxSuppression
int threshold
double keypointsRatio
 max keypoints = keypointsRatio * img.size().area() More...

Static Public Attributes

static const int FEATURE_SIZE = 7

Member Enumeration Documentation

§ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::FAST_GPU ( int  threshold,
bool  nonmaxSuppression = true,
double  keypointsRatio = 0.05 

Member Function Documentation

§ calcKeyPointsLocation()

int cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::calcKeyPointsLocation ( const GpuMat image,
const GpuMat mask 

find keypoints and compute it's response if nonmaxSuppression is true return count of detected keypoints

§ convertKeypoints()

void cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::convertKeypoints ( const Mat h_keypoints,
std::vector< KeyPoint > &  keypoints 

convert keypoints to KeyPoint vector

§ downloadKeypoints()

void cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::downloadKeypoints ( const GpuMat d_keypoints,
std::vector< KeyPoint > &  keypoints 

download keypoints from device to host memory

§ getKeyPoints()

int cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::getKeyPoints ( GpuMat keypoints)

get final array of keypoints performs nonmax suppression if needed return final count of keypoints

§ operator()() [1/2]

void cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::operator() ( const GpuMat image,
const GpuMat mask,
GpuMat keypoints 

finds the keypoints using FAST detector supports only CV_8UC1 images

§ operator()() [2/2]

void cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::operator() ( const GpuMat image,
const GpuMat mask,
std::vector< KeyPoint > &  keypoints 

§ release()

void cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::release ( )

release temporary buffer's memory

Member Data Documentation


const int cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::FEATURE_SIZE = 7

§ keypointsRatio

double cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::keypointsRatio

max keypoints = keypointsRatio * img.size().area()

§ nonmaxSuppression

bool cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::nonmaxSuppression

§ threshold

int cv::gpu::FAST_GPU::threshold

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