Open Source Computer Vision
CvSparseMat Struct Reference

#include <types_c.h>

Public Attributes

int type
int dims
int hdr_refcount
struct CvSetheap
void ** hashtable
int hashsize
int valoffset
int idxoffset
int size [32]

Member Data Documentation

§ dims

int CvSparseMat::dims

§ hashsize

int CvSparseMat::hashsize

§ hashtable

void** CvSparseMat::hashtable

§ hdr_refcount

int CvSparseMat::hdr_refcount

§ heap

struct CvSet* CvSparseMat::heap

§ idxoffset

int CvSparseMat::idxoffset

§ refcount

int* CvSparseMat::refcount

§ size

int CvSparseMat::size[32]

§ type

int CvSparseMat::type

§ valoffset

int CvSparseMat::valoffset

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