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cv::DenseFeatureDetector Class Reference

#include <features2d.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for cv::DenseFeatureDetector:
cv::FeatureDetector cv::Algorithm

Public Member Functions

 DenseFeatureDetector (float initFeatureScale=1.f, int featureScaleLevels=1, float featureScaleMul=0.1f, int initXyStep=6, int initImgBound=0, bool varyXyStepWithScale=true, bool varyImgBoundWithScale=false)
AlgorithmInfoinfo () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::FeatureDetector
virtual ~FeatureDetector ()
void detect (const Mat &image, CV_OUT vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, const Mat &mask=Mat()) const
void detect (const vector< Mat > &images, vector< vector< KeyPoint > > &keypoints, const vector< Mat > &masks=vector< Mat >()) const
virtual bool empty () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
 Algorithm ()
virtual ~Algorithm ()
string name () const
template<typename _Tp >
ParamType< _Tp >::member_type get (const string &name) const
template<typename _Tp >
ParamType< _Tp >::member_type get (const char *name) const
int getInt (const string &name) const
double getDouble (const string &name) const
bool getBool (const string &name) const
string getString (const string &name) const
Mat getMat (const string &name) const
vector< MatgetMatVector (const string &name) const
Ptr< AlgorithmgetAlgorithm (const string &name) const
void set (const string &name, int value)
void set (const string &name, double value)
void set (const string &name, bool value)
void set (const string &name, const string &value)
void set (const string &name, const Mat &value)
void set (const string &name, const vector< Mat > &value)
void set (const string &name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)
template<typename _Tp >
void set (const string &name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)
void setInt (const string &name, int value)
void setDouble (const string &name, double value)
void setBool (const string &name, bool value)
void setString (const string &name, const string &value)
void setMat (const string &name, const Mat &value)
void setMatVector (const string &name, const vector< Mat > &value)
void setAlgorithm (const string &name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)
template<typename _Tp >
void setAlgorithm (const string &name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)
void set (const char *name, int value)
void set (const char *name, double value)
void set (const char *name, bool value)
void set (const char *name, const string &value)
void set (const char *name, const Mat &value)
void set (const char *name, const vector< Mat > &value)
void set (const char *name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)
template<typename _Tp >
void set (const char *name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)
void setInt (const char *name, int value)
void setDouble (const char *name, double value)
void setBool (const char *name, bool value)
void setString (const char *name, const string &value)
void setMat (const char *name, const Mat &value)
void setMatVector (const char *name, const vector< Mat > &value)
void setAlgorithm (const char *name, const Ptr< Algorithm > &value)
template<typename _Tp >
void setAlgorithm (const char *name, const Ptr< _Tp > &value)
string paramHelp (const string &name) const
int paramType (const char *name) const
int paramType (const string &name) const
void getParams (CV_OUT vector< string > &names) const
virtual void write (FileStorage &fs) const
virtual void read (const FileNode &fn)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void detectImpl (const Mat &image, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints, const Mat &mask=Mat()) const

Protected Attributes

double initFeatureScale
int featureScaleLevels
double featureScaleMul
int initXyStep
int initImgBound
bool varyXyStepWithScale
bool varyImgBoundWithScale

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cv::Algorithm
typedef Algorithm *(* Constructor) (void)
typedef int(Algorithm::* Getter) () const
typedef void(Algorithm::* Setter) (int)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cv::FeatureDetector
static Ptr< FeatureDetectorcreate (const string &detectorType)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Algorithm
static void getList (CV_OUT vector< string > &algorithms)
static Ptr< Algorithm_create (const string &name)
template<typename _Tp >
static Ptr< _Tp > create (const string &name)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::FeatureDetector
static void removeInvalidPoints (const Mat &mask, vector< KeyPoint > &keypoints)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ DenseFeatureDetector()

cv::DenseFeatureDetector::DenseFeatureDetector ( float  initFeatureScale = 1.f,
int  featureScaleLevels = 1,
float  featureScaleMul = 0.1f,
int  initXyStep = 6,
int  initImgBound = 0,
bool  varyXyStepWithScale = true,
bool  varyImgBoundWithScale = false 

Member Function Documentation

§ detectImpl()

virtual void cv::DenseFeatureDetector::detectImpl ( const Mat image,
vector< KeyPoint > &  keypoints,
const Mat mask = Mat() 
) const

Implements cv::FeatureDetector.

§ info()

AlgorithmInfo* cv::DenseFeatureDetector::info ( ) const

Reimplemented from cv::Algorithm.

Member Data Documentation

§ featureScaleLevels

int cv::DenseFeatureDetector::featureScaleLevels

§ featureScaleMul

double cv::DenseFeatureDetector::featureScaleMul

§ initFeatureScale

double cv::DenseFeatureDetector::initFeatureScale

§ initImgBound

int cv::DenseFeatureDetector::initImgBound

§ initXyStep

int cv::DenseFeatureDetector::initXyStep

§ varyImgBoundWithScale

bool cv::DenseFeatureDetector::varyImgBoundWithScale

§ varyXyStepWithScale

bool cv::DenseFeatureDetector::varyXyStepWithScale

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