Open Source Computer Vision
cv::CascadeClassifier::Data Class Reference

#include <objdetect.hpp>


struct  DTree
struct  DTreeNode
struct  Stage

Public Member Functions

bool read (const FileNode &node)

Public Attributes

bool isStumpBased
int stageType
int featureType
int ncategories
Size origWinSize
vector< Stagestages
vector< DTreeclassifiers
vector< DTreeNodenodes
vector< float > leaves
vector< intsubsets

Member Function Documentation

§ read()

bool cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::read ( const FileNode node)

Member Data Documentation

§ classifiers

vector<DTree> cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::classifiers

§ featureType

int cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::featureType

§ isStumpBased

bool cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::isStumpBased

§ leaves

vector<float> cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::leaves

§ ncategories

int cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::ncategories

§ nodes

vector<DTreeNode> cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::nodes

§ origWinSize

Size cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::origWinSize

§ stages

vector<Stage> cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::stages

§ stageType

int cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::stageType

§ subsets

vector<int> cv::CascadeClassifier::Data::subsets

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