Open Source Computer Vision
cv::gpu::device::reduce_detail::Dispatcher< N > Struct Template Reference

#include <reduce.hpp>

Public Types

typedef StaticIf<(N<=32) &&IsPowerOf2< N >::value, WarpOptimized< N >, typename StaticIf<(N<=1024) &&IsPowerOf2< N >::value, GenericOptimized32< N >, Generic< N > >::type >::type reductor

Member Typedef Documentation

§ reductor

template<unsigned int N>
typedef StaticIf< (N <= 32) && IsPowerOf2<N>::value, WarpOptimized<N>, typename StaticIf< (N <= 1024) && IsPowerOf2<N>::value, GenericOptimized32<N>, Generic<N> >::type >::type cv::gpu::device::reduce_detail::Dispatcher< N >::reductor

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