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CvDTreeParams Struct Reference

#include <ml.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for CvDTreeParams:
CvBoostParams CvGBTreesParams CvRTParams

Public Member Functions

 CvDTreeParams ()
 CvDTreeParams (int max_depth, int min_sample_count, float regression_accuracy, bool use_surrogates, int max_categories, int cv_folds, bool use_1se_rule, bool truncate_pruned_tree, const float *priors)

Public Attributes

int max_categories
int max_depth
int min_sample_count
int cv_folds
bool use_surrogates
bool use_1se_rule
bool truncate_pruned_tree
float regression_accuracy
const float * priors

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ CvDTreeParams() [1/2]

CvDTreeParams::CvDTreeParams ( )

§ CvDTreeParams() [2/2]

CvDTreeParams::CvDTreeParams ( int  max_depth,
int  min_sample_count,
float  regression_accuracy,
bool  use_surrogates,
int  max_categories,
int  cv_folds,
bool  use_1se_rule,
bool  truncate_pruned_tree,
const float *  priors 

Member Data Documentation

§ cv_folds

int CvDTreeParams::cv_folds

§ max_categories

int CvDTreeParams::max_categories

§ max_depth

int CvDTreeParams::max_depth

§ min_sample_count

int CvDTreeParams::min_sample_count

§ priors

const float* CvDTreeParams::priors

§ regression_accuracy

float CvDTreeParams::regression_accuracy

§ truncate_pruned_tree

bool CvDTreeParams::truncate_pruned_tree

§ use_1se_rule

bool CvDTreeParams::use_1se_rule

§ use_surrogates

bool CvDTreeParams::use_surrogates

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