Open Source Computer Vision
cv::Octree::Node Struct Reference

#include <contrib.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Node ()

Public Attributes

int begin
int end
float x_min
float x_max
float y_min
float y_max
float z_min
float z_max
int maxLevels
bool isLeaf
int children [8]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ Node()

cv::Octree::Node::Node ( )

Member Data Documentation

§ begin

int cv::Octree::Node::begin

§ children

int cv::Octree::Node::children[8]

§ end

int cv::Octree::Node::end

§ isLeaf

bool cv::Octree::Node::isLeaf

§ maxLevels

int cv::Octree::Node::maxLevels

§ x_max

float cv::Octree::Node::x_max

§ x_min

float cv::Octree::Node::x_min

§ y_max

float cv::Octree::Node::y_max

§ y_min

float cv::Octree::Node::y_min

§ z_max

float cv::Octree::Node::z_max

§ z_min

float cv::Octree::Node::z_min

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