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stereo.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"


class  cv::StereoBM
 Class for computing stereo correspondence using the block matching algorithm, introduced and contributed to OpenCV by K. Konolige. More...
class  cv::StereoMatcher
 The base class for stereo correspondence algorithms. More...
class  cv::StereoSGBM
 The class implements the modified H. Hirschmuller algorithm [114] that differs from the original one as follows: More...


 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.


enum  { cv::STEREO_ZERO_DISPARITY =0x00400 }


void cv::filterSpeckles (InputOutputArray img, double newVal, int maxSpeckleSize, double maxDiff, InputOutputArray buf=noArray())
 Filters off small noise blobs (speckles) in the disparity map. More...
Rect cv::getValidDisparityROI (Rect roi1, Rect roi2, int minDisparity, int numberOfDisparities, int blockSize)
 computes valid disparity ROI from the valid ROIs of the rectified images (that are returned by stereoRectify) More...
float cv::rectify3Collinear (InputArray _cameraMatrix1, InputArray _distCoeffs1, InputArray _cameraMatrix2, InputArray _distCoeffs2, InputArray _cameraMatrix3, InputArray _distCoeffs3, InputArrayOfArrays _imgpt1, InputArrayOfArrays _imgpt3, Size imageSize, InputArray _Rmat12, InputArray _Tmat12, InputArray _Rmat13, InputArray _Tmat13, OutputArray _Rmat1, OutputArray _Rmat2, OutputArray _Rmat3, OutputArray _Pmat1, OutputArray _Pmat2, OutputArray _Pmat3, OutputArray _Qmat, double alpha, Size newImgSize, Rect *roi1, Rect *roi2, int flags)
void cv::reprojectImageTo3D (InputArray disparity, OutputArray _3dImage, InputArray Q, bool handleMissingValues=false, int ddepth=-1)
 Reprojects a disparity image to 3D space. More...
void cv::stereoRectify (InputArray cameraMatrix1, InputArray distCoeffs1, InputArray cameraMatrix2, InputArray distCoeffs2, Size imageSize, InputArray R, InputArray T, OutputArray R1, OutputArray R2, OutputArray P1, OutputArray P2, OutputArray Q, int flags=STEREO_ZERO_DISPARITY, double alpha=-1, Size newImageSize=Size(), Rect *validPixROI1=0, Rect *validPixROI2=0)
 Computes rectification transforms for each head of a calibrated stereo camera. More...
bool cv::stereoRectifyUncalibrated (InputArray points1, InputArray points2, InputArray F, Size imgSize, OutputArray H1, OutputArray H2, double threshold=5)
 Computes a rectification transform for an uncalibrated stereo camera. More...
void cv::validateDisparity (InputOutputArray disparity, InputArray cost, int minDisparity, int numberOfDisparities, int disp12MaxDisp=1)
 validates disparity using the left-right check. The matrix "cost" should be computed by the stereo correspondence algorithm More...