Class DisparityWLSFilter

  • public class DisparityWLSFilter
    extends DisparityFilter
    Disparity map filter based on Weighted Least Squares filter (in form of Fast Global Smoother that is a lot faster than traditional Weighted Least Squares filter implementations) and optional use of left-right-consistency-based confidence to refine the results in half-occlusions and uniform areas.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DisparityWLSFilter

        protected DisparityWLSFilter​(long addr)
    • Method Detail

      • getLambda

        public double getLambda()
        Lambda is a parameter defining the amount of regularization during filtering. Larger values force filtered disparity map edges to adhere more to source image edges. Typical value is 8000.
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      • setLambda

        public void setLambda​(double _lambda)
        SEE: getLambda
        _lambda - automatically generated
      • getSigmaColor

        public double getSigmaColor()
        SigmaColor is a parameter defining how sensitive the filtering process is to source image edges. Large values can lead to disparity leakage through low-contrast edges. Small values can make the filter too sensitive to noise and textures in the source image. Typical values range from 0.8 to 2.0.
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      • setSigmaColor

        public void setSigmaColor​(double _sigma_color)
        SEE: getSigmaColor
        _sigma_color - automatically generated
      • getLRCthresh

        public int getLRCthresh()
        LRCthresh is a threshold of disparity difference used in left-right-consistency check during confidence map computation. The default value of 24 (1.5 pixels) is virtually always good enough.
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      • setLRCthresh

        public void setLRCthresh​(int _LRC_thresh)
        SEE: getLRCthresh
        _LRC_thresh - automatically generated
      • getDepthDiscontinuityRadius

        public int getDepthDiscontinuityRadius()
        DepthDiscontinuityRadius is a parameter used in confidence computation. It defines the size of low-confidence regions around depth discontinuities.
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      • setDepthDiscontinuityRadius

        public void setDepthDiscontinuityRadius​(int _disc_radius)
        SEE: getDepthDiscontinuityRadius
        _disc_radius - automatically generated
      • getConfidenceMap

        public Mat getConfidenceMap()
        Get the confidence map that was used in the last filter call. It is a CV_32F one-channel image with values ranging from 0.0 (totally untrusted regions of the raw disparity map) to 255.0 (regions containing correct disparity values with a high degree of confidence).
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      • getROI

        public Rect getROI()
        Get the ROI used in the last filter call
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      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class DisparityFilter