Class TBMR

  • public class TBMR
    extends AffineFeature2D
    Class implementing the Tree Based Morse Regions (TBMR) as described in CITE: Najman2014 extended with scaled extraction ability. min_area prune areas smaller than minArea max_area_relative prune areas bigger than maxArea = max_area_relative * input_image_size scale_factor scale factor for scaled extraction. n_scales number of applications of the scale factor (octaves). Note: This algorithm is based on Component Tree (Min/Max) as well as MSER but uses a Morse-theory approach to extract features. Features are ellipses (similar to MSER, however a MSER feature can never be a TBMR feature and vice versa).
    • Constructor Detail

      • TBMR

        protected TBMR​(long addr)
    • Method Detail

      • __fromPtr__

        public static TBMR __fromPtr__​(long addr)
      • create

        public static TBMR create​(int min_area,
                                  float max_area_relative,
                                  float scale_factor,
                                  int n_scales)
      • create

        public static TBMR create​(int min_area,
                                  float max_area_relative,
                                  float scale_factor)
      • create

        public static TBMR create​(int min_area,
                                  float max_area_relative)
      • create

        public static TBMR create​(int min_area)
      • create

        public static TBMR create()
      • setMinArea

        public void setMinArea​(int minArea)
      • getMinArea

        public int getMinArea()
      • setMaxAreaRelative

        public void setMaxAreaRelative​(float maxArea)
      • getMaxAreaRelative

        public float getMaxAreaRelative()
      • setScaleFactor

        public void setScaleFactor​(float scale_factor)
      • getScaleFactor

        public float getScaleFactor()
      • setNScales

        public void setNScales​(int n_scales)
      • getNScales

        public int getNScales()
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class AffineFeature2D