Class TonemapReinhard

  • public class TonemapReinhard
    extends Tonemap
    This is a global tonemapping operator that models human visual system. Mapping function is controlled by adaptation parameter, that is computed using light adaptation and color adaptation. For more information see CITE: RD05 .
    • Constructor Detail

      • TonemapReinhard

        protected TonemapReinhard​(long addr)
    • Method Detail

      • getIntensity

        public float getIntensity()
      • setIntensity

        public void setIntensity​(float intensity)
      • getLightAdaptation

        public float getLightAdaptation()
      • setLightAdaptation

        public void setLightAdaptation​(float light_adapt)
      • getColorAdaptation

        public float getColorAdaptation()
      • setColorAdaptation

        public void setColorAdaptation​(float color_adapt)
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class Tonemap