Class MergeMertens

  • public class MergeMertens
    extends MergeExposures
    Pixels are weighted using contrast, saturation and well-exposedness measures, than images are combined using laplacian pyramids. The resulting image weight is constructed as weighted average of contrast, saturation and well-exposedness measures. The resulting image doesn't require tonemapping and can be converted to 8-bit image by multiplying by 255, but it's recommended to apply gamma correction and/or linear tonemapping. For more information see CITE: MK07 .
    • Constructor Detail

      • MergeMertens

        protected MergeMertens​(long addr)
    • Method Detail

      • __fromPtr__

        public static MergeMertens __fromPtr__​(long addr)
      • process

        public void process​(java.util.List<Mat> src,
                            Mat dst,
                            Mat times,
                            Mat response)
        Description copied from class: MergeExposures
        Merges images.
        process in class MergeExposures
        src - vector of input images
        dst - result image
        times - vector of exposure time values for each image
        response - 256x1 matrix with inverse camera response function for each pixel value, it should have the same number of channels as images.
      • process

        public void process​(java.util.List<Mat> src,
                            Mat dst)
        Short version of process, that doesn't take extra arguments.
        src - vector of input images
        dst - result image
      • getContrastWeight

        public float getContrastWeight()
      • setContrastWeight

        public void setContrastWeight​(float contrast_weiht)
      • getSaturationWeight

        public float getSaturationWeight()
      • setSaturationWeight

        public void setSaturationWeight​(float saturation_weight)
      • getExposureWeight

        public float getExposureWeight()
      • setExposureWeight

        public void setExposureWeight​(float exposure_weight)
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class MergeExposures