Class GeneralizedHoughGuil

  • public class GeneralizedHoughGuil
    extends GeneralizedHough
    finds arbitrary template in the grayscale image using Generalized Hough Transform Detects position, translation and rotation CITE: Guil1999 .
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeneralizedHoughGuil

        protected GeneralizedHoughGuil​(long addr)
    • Method Detail

      • setXi

        public void setXi​(double xi)
      • getXi

        public double getXi()
      • setLevels

        public void setLevels​(int levels)
      • getLevels

        public int getLevels()
      • setAngleEpsilon

        public void setAngleEpsilon​(double angleEpsilon)
      • getAngleEpsilon

        public double getAngleEpsilon()
      • setMinAngle

        public void setMinAngle​(double minAngle)
      • getMinAngle

        public double getMinAngle()
      • setMaxAngle

        public void setMaxAngle​(double maxAngle)
      • getMaxAngle

        public double getMaxAngle()
      • setAngleStep

        public void setAngleStep​(double angleStep)
      • getAngleStep

        public double getAngleStep()
      • setAngleThresh

        public void setAngleThresh​(int angleThresh)
      • getAngleThresh

        public int getAngleThresh()
      • setMinScale

        public void setMinScale​(double minScale)
      • getMinScale

        public double getMinScale()
      • setMaxScale

        public void setMaxScale​(double maxScale)
      • getMaxScale

        public double getMaxScale()
      • setScaleStep

        public void setScaleStep​(double scaleStep)
      • getScaleStep

        public double getScaleStep()
      • setScaleThresh

        public void setScaleThresh​(int scaleThresh)
      • getScaleThresh

        public int getScaleThresh()
      • setPosThresh

        public void setPosThresh​(int posThresh)
      • getPosThresh

        public int getPosThresh()
      • finalize

        protected void finalize()
                         throws java.lang.Throwable
        finalize in class GeneralizedHough