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#include <opencv2/core/softfloat.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 softdouble ()
 Default constructor.
 softdouble (const double a)
 Construct from double.
 softdouble (const int32_t)
 softdouble (const int64_t)
 softdouble (const softdouble &c)
 Copy constructor.
 softdouble (const uint32_t)
 Construct from integer.
 softdouble (const uint64_t)
int getExp () const
 Get 0-based exponent.
softdouble getFrac () const
 Get a fraction part.
bool getSign () const
 Get sign bit.
bool isInf () const
 Inf state indicator.
bool isNaN () const
 NaN state indicator.
bool isSubnormal () const
 Subnormal number indicator.
 operator double () const
 operator softfloat () const
 Type casts

bool operator!= (const softdouble &) const
softdouble operator% (const softdouble &) const
 Remainder operator.
softdoubleoperator%= (const softdouble &a)
softdouble operator* (const softdouble &) const
softdoubleoperator*= (const softdouble &a)
softdouble operator+ (const softdouble &) const
 Basic arithmetics.
softdoubleoperator+= (const softdouble &a)
softdouble operator- () const
softdouble operator- (const softdouble &) const
softdoubleoperator-= (const softdouble &a)
softdouble operator/ (const softdouble &) const
softdoubleoperator/= (const softdouble &a)
bool operator< (const softdouble &) const
bool operator<= (const softdouble &) const
softdoubleoperator= (const softdouble &c)
 Assign constructor.
bool operator== (const softdouble &) const
 Comparison operations.
bool operator> (const softdouble &) const
bool operator>= (const softdouble &) const
softdouble setExp (int e) const
 Construct a copy with new 0-based exponent.
softdouble setFrac (const softdouble &s) const
 Construct a copy with provided significand.
softdouble setSign (bool sign) const
 Construct a copy with new sign bit.

Static Public Member Functions

static softdouble eps ()
 Difference between 1 and next representable value.
static softdouble fromRaw (const uint64_t a)
 Construct from raw.
static softdouble inf ()
 Positive infinity constant.
static softdouble max ()
 Biggest finite value.
static softdouble min ()
 Smallest normalized value.
static softdouble nan ()
 Default NaN constant.
static softdouble one ()
 One constant.
static softdouble pi ()
 Correct pi approximation.
static softdouble zero ()
 Zero constant.

Public Attributes

uint64_t v

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