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cv::GScalar Class Reference

GScalar class represents cv::Scalar data in the graph. More...

#include <opencv2/gapi/gscalar.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

GAPI_WRAP GScalar ()
 Constructs an empty GScalar.
GAPI_WRAP GScalar (const cv::Scalar &s)
 Constructs a value-initialized GScalar.
 GScalar (cv::Scalar &&s)
 Constructs a value-initialized GScalar.
 GScalar (double v0)
 Constructs a value-initialized GScalar.

Detailed Description

GScalar class represents cv::Scalar data in the graph.

GScalar may be associated with a cv::Scalar value, which becomes its constant value bound in graph compile time. cv::GScalar describes a functional relationship between operations consuming and producing GScalar objects.

GScalar is a virtual counterpart of cv::Scalar, which is usually used to represent the GScalar data in G-API during the execution.

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