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cv::TrackerNano Class Referenceabstract

the Nano tracker is a super lightweight dnn-based general object tracking. More...

#include <opencv2/video/tracking.hpp>

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struct  Params

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TrackerNano () CV_OVERRIDE
virtual float getTrackingScore ()=0
 Return tracking score. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Tracker
virtual ~Tracker ()
virtual void init (InputArray image, const Rect &boundingBox)=0
 Initialize the tracker with a known bounding box that surrounded the target. More...
virtual bool update (InputArray image, Rect &boundingBox)=0
 Update the tracker, find the new most likely bounding box for the target. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< TrackerNanocreate (const TrackerNano::Params &parameters=TrackerNano::Params())
 Constructor. More...

Protected Member Functions

 TrackerNano ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::Tracker
 Tracker ()

Detailed Description

the Nano tracker is a super lightweight dnn-based general object tracking.

Nano tracker is much faster and extremely lightweight due to special model structure, the whole model size is about 1.9 MB. Nano tracker needs two models: one for feature extraction (backbone) and the another for localization (neckhead). Model download link: Original repo is here: Author: HongLinChu,

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrackerNano()

cv::TrackerNano::TrackerNano ( )

◆ ~TrackerNano()

virtual cv::TrackerNano::~TrackerNano ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static Ptr<TrackerNano> cv::TrackerNano::create ( const TrackerNano::Params parameters = TrackerNano::Params())
cv.TrackerNano.create([, parameters]) -> retval
cv.TrackerNano_create([, parameters]) -> retval


parametersNanoTrack parameters TrackerNano::Params

◆ getTrackingScore()

virtual float cv::TrackerNano::getTrackingScore ( )
pure virtual
cv.TrackerNano.getTrackingScore() -> retval

Return tracking score.

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