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block.hpp File Reference
#include "../common.hpp"


struct  cv::cudev::Block


 "black box" representation of the file storage associated with a file on disk.




template<class InIt , class OutIt >
__device__ static __forceinline__ void cv::cudev::blockCopy (InIt beg, InIt end, OutIt out)
template<class It , typename T >
__device__ static __forceinline__ void cv::cudev::blockFill (It beg, It end, const T &value)
template<class InIt , class OutIt , class UnOp >
__device__ static __forceinline__ void cv::cudev::blockTransform (InIt beg, InIt end, OutIt out, const UnOp &op)
template<class InIt1 , class InIt2 , class OutIt , class BinOp >
__device__ static __forceinline__ void cv::cudev::blockTransform (InIt1 beg1, InIt1 end1, InIt2 beg2, OutIt out, const BinOp &op)
template<class OutIt , typename T >
__device__ static __forceinline__ void cv::cudev::blockYota (OutIt beg, OutIt end, T value)

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