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cv::TrackerKCF Class Referenceabstract

the KCF (Kernelized Correlation Filter) tracker More...

#include <opencv2/tracking.hpp>

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struct  Params

Public Types

typedef void(* FeatureExtractorCallbackFN) (const Mat, const Rect, Mat &)
enum  MODE {
  GRAY = (1 << 0) ,
  CN = (1 << 1) ,
  CUSTOM = (1 << 2)
 Feature type to be used in the tracking grayscale, colornames, compressed color-names The modes available now: More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~TrackerKCF () CV_OVERRIDE
virtual void setFeatureExtractor (FeatureExtractorCallbackFN callback, bool pca_func=false)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from cv::Tracker
virtual ~Tracker ()
virtual void init (InputArray image, const Rect &boundingBox)=0
 Initialize the tracker with a known bounding box that surrounded the target.
virtual bool update (InputArray image, Rect &boundingBox)=0
 Update the tracker, find the new most likely bounding box for the target.

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< TrackerKCFcreate (const TrackerKCF::Params &parameters=TrackerKCF::Params())
 Create KCF tracker instance.

Protected Member Functions

 TrackerKCF ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cv::Tracker
 Tracker ()

Detailed Description

the KCF (Kernelized Correlation Filter) tracker

KCF is a novel tracking framework that utilizes properties of circulant matrix to enhance the processing speed. This tracking method is an implementation of [122] which is extended to KCF with color-names features ([64]). The original paper of KCF is available at as well as the matlab implementation. For more information about KCF with color-names features, please refer to

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ FeatureExtractorCallbackFN

typedef void(* cv::TrackerKCF::FeatureExtractorCallbackFN) (const Mat, const Rect, Mat &)

Member Enumeration Documentation


Feature type to be used in the tracking grayscale, colornames, compressed color-names The modes available now:

  • "GRAY" – Use grayscale values as the feature
  • "CN" – Color-names feature

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TrackerKCF()

cv::TrackerKCF::TrackerKCF ( )

◆ ~TrackerKCF()

virtual cv::TrackerKCF::~TrackerKCF ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static Ptr< TrackerKCF > cv::TrackerKCF::create ( const TrackerKCF::Params parameters = TrackerKCF::Params())
cv.TrackerKCF.create([, parameters]) -> retval
cv.TrackerKCF_create([, parameters]) -> retval

Create KCF tracker instance.

parametersKCF parameters TrackerKCF::Params

◆ setFeatureExtractor()

virtual void cv::TrackerKCF::setFeatureExtractor ( FeatureExtractorCallbackFN  callback,
bool  pca_func = false 
pure virtual

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