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cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter Class Referenceabstract

An interface class for MediaFrame data adapters. More...

#include <opencv2/gapi/media.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IAdapter ()=0
virtual MediaFrame::View access (MediaFrame::Access)=0
virtual cv::util::any blobParams () const
virtual void deserialize (cv::gapi::s11n::IIStream &)
virtual cv::GFrameDesc meta () const =0
virtual void serialize (cv::gapi::s11n::IOStream &)

Detailed Description

An interface class for MediaFrame data adapters.

Implement this interface to wrap media data in the MediaFrame. It makes sense to implement this class if there is a custom cv::gapi::wip::IStreamSource defined – in this case, a stream source can produce MediaFrame objects with this adapter and the media data may be passed to graph without any copy. For example, a GStreamer-based stream source can implement an adapter over GstBuffer and G-API will transparently use it in the graph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IAdapter()

virtual cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter::~IAdapter ( )
pure virtual

Member Function Documentation

◆ access()

virtual MediaFrame::View cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter::access ( MediaFrame::Access  )
pure virtual

◆ blobParams()

virtual cv::util::any cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter::blobParams ( ) const

◆ deserialize()

virtual void cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter::deserialize ( cv::gapi::s11n::IIStream )

◆ meta()

virtual cv::GFrameDesc cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter::meta ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ serialize()

virtual void cv::MediaFrame::IAdapter::serialize ( cv::gapi::s11n::IOStream )

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