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cv::ocl::Image2D Class Reference

#include <opencv2/core/ocl.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Image2D (const Image2D &i)
 Image2D (const UMat &src, bool norm=false, bool alias=false)
 Image2D (Image2D &&) CV_NOEXCEPT
 ~Image2D ()
Image2Doperator= (const Image2D &i)
Image2Doperator= (Image2D &&) CV_NOEXCEPT
void * ptr () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool canCreateAlias (const UMat &u)
static bool isFormatSupported (int depth, int cn, bool norm)

Protected Attributes

Impl * p

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Image2D() [1/4]

cv::ocl::Image2D::Image2D ( )

◆ Image2D() [2/4]

cv::ocl::Image2D::Image2D ( const UMat src,
bool  norm = false,
bool  alias = false 
srcUMat object from which to get image properties and data
normflag to enable the use of normalized channel data types
aliasflag indicating that the image should alias the src UMat. If true, changes to the image or src will be reflected in both objects.

◆ Image2D() [3/4]

cv::ocl::Image2D::Image2D ( const Image2D i)

◆ ~Image2D()

cv::ocl::Image2D::~Image2D ( )

◆ Image2D() [4/4]

cv::ocl::Image2D::Image2D ( Image2D &&  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ canCreateAlias()

static bool cv::ocl::Image2D::canCreateAlias ( const UMat u)

Indicates if creating an aliased image should succeed. Depends on the underlying platform and the dimensions of the UMat.

◆ isFormatSupported()

static bool cv::ocl::Image2D::isFormatSupported ( int  depth,
int  cn,
bool  norm 

Indicates if the image format is supported.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

Image2D & cv::ocl::Image2D::operator= ( const Image2D i)

◆ operator=() [2/2]

Image2D & cv::ocl::Image2D::operator= ( Image2D &&  )

◆ ptr()

void * cv::ocl::Image2D::ptr ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ p

Impl* cv::ocl::Image2D::p

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