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cv::InferAPIList2< Net, T, Ts > Struct Template Reference

#include <opencv2/gapi/infer.hpp>

Public Types

using type = typename std::enable_if< detail::valid_infer_types< T >::value &&cv::detail::valid_infer2_types< typename Net::InArgs, std::tuple< Ts... > >::value, std::function< typename Net::ResultL(T, cv::GArray< Ts >...)> >::type

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template<class Net , typename T , class... Ts>
using cv::InferAPIList2< Net, T, Ts >::type = typename std::enable_if < detail::valid_infer_types<T>::value && cv::detail::valid_infer2_types< typename Net::InArgs , std::tuple<Ts...> >::value, std::function<typename Net::ResultL(T, cv::GArray<Ts>...)> >::type

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