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CvPhotoCamera Class Reference

#import <opencv2/videoio/cap_ios.h>

Inheritance diagram for CvPhotoCamera:
CvAbstractCamera NSObject

Instance Methods

(takePicture) - CV_UNUSED
- Instance Methods inherited from CvAbstractCamera
(id) - initWithParentView:

Protected Attributes

AVCaptureStillImageOutput * stillImageOutput
- Protected Attributes inherited from CvAbstractCamera
BOOL cameraAvailable
UIDeviceOrientation currentDeviceOrientation


id< CvPhotoCameraDelegate > delegate
- Properties inherited from CvAbstractCamera
AVCaptureSession * captureSession
BOOL captureSessionLoaded
AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer * captureVideoPreviewLayer
AVCaptureDevicePosition defaultAVCaptureDevicePosition
NSString *const defaultAVCaptureSessionPreset
AVCaptureVideoOrientation defaultAVCaptureVideoOrientation
int defaultFPS
int imageHeight
int imageWidth
UIView * parentView
BOOL running
BOOL useAVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer
AVCaptureConnection * videoCaptureConnection

Method Documentation


- (takePicture) CV_UNUSED

Implements CvAbstractCamera.

Member Data Documentation

◆ stillImageOutput

- (AVCaptureStillImageOutput*) stillImageOutput

Property Documentation

◆ delegate

- (id<CvPhotoCameraDelegate>) delegate

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