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cv::mcc::CCheckerDraw Class Referenceabstract

checker draw More...

#include <opencv2/mcc/checker_model.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CCheckerDraw ()
virtual void draw (InputOutputArray img)=0
 Draws the checker to the given image. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr< CCheckerDrawcreate (Ptr< CChecker > pChecker, cv::Scalar color=CV_RGB(0, 250, 0), int thickness=2)
 Create a new CCheckerDraw object. More...

Detailed Description

checker draw

This class contains the functions for drawing a detected chart. This class expects a pointer to the checker which will be drawn by this object in the constructor and then later on whenever the draw function is called the checker will be drawn. Remember that it is not possible to change the checkers which will be draw by a given object, as it is decided in the constructor itself. If you want to draw some other object you can create a new CCheckerDraw instance.

The reason for this type of design is that in some videos we can assume that the checker is always in the same position, even if the image changes, so the drawing will always take place at the same position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CCheckerDraw()

virtual cv::mcc::CCheckerDraw::~CCheckerDraw ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ create()

static Ptr<CCheckerDraw> cv::mcc::CCheckerDraw::create ( Ptr< CChecker pChecker,
cv::Scalar  color = CV_RGB(0, 250, 0),
int  thickness = 2 
cv.mcc.CCheckerDraw_create(pChecker[, color[, thickness]]) -> retval

Create a new CCheckerDraw object.

pCheckerThe checker which will be drawn by this object.
colorThe color by with which the squares of the checker will be drawn
thicknessThe thickness with which the sqaures will be drawn
A pointer to the implementation of the CCheckerDraw

◆ draw()

virtual void cv::mcc::CCheckerDraw::draw ( InputOutputArray  img)
pure virtual
cv.mcc_CCheckerDraw.draw(img) -> img

Draws the checker to the given image.

imgimage in color space BGR

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